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The 6th Moscow international autumn exhibition

"Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA EXPO Autumn - 2012".


October 24-26, 2012, Moscow, VVTs, pavilion 55


"RAAPA Expo Autumn-2012" goes to a new level

On October 24 to 26, 2012, in Pavilion 55 of the All-Russian Exhibition Center, there was held the 6th Moscow Autumn Exhibition “Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment "RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2012."

Year by year, the autumn exhibition "RAAPA EXPO" has been steadily growing and, without exaggeration, becomes more and more representative. The main reason why the autumn exhibition was established by the Russian Association of Amusement Parks was to give an opportunity to the customers to order/ purchase new equipment after the summer season. Over 6 years, "RAAPA EXPO Autumn" has significantly expanded its capabilities, gained popularity, and became an important business platform, where manufacturers, suppliers and operators of amusement equipment, as well as suppliers of different sorts of services in the amusement industry, meet each other.

At the "RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2012" opening ceremony, the participants and guests of the exhibition were addressed with the greeting words by I. Rodionov - RAAPA first Vice-president, A. Tvorogov – Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Council on Innovation and Modernization of the defense industry and promotion of military-technical cooperation complex working at the Committee on Industry of the Russian Federation State Duma, I. Kachalova – Project Manager of Pavilion 55 at VVTs.

In 2012, the list of exhibitors included over 70 companies that offer products and services in various areas of the amusement industry - from so popular nowadays video simulators and XD-cinemas to kiddie playgrounds, bowling equipment, ticketing systems, park amusement rides, etc. Among the exhibitors, we can highlight Russian representatives of the world-famous foreign companies, such as Polin (Turkey), Antonio Zamperla (Italy), Proludic (France), Italpark (Italy) and Qubica AMF (the USA), as well as domestic manufacturers: Pax Company, "RIF" Group of Companies, "Attraction" JSC, “Air Palace” factory, «Game City» Group of Companies, and others.

Great excitement was reigning at the exhibition floor; the total number of professional visitors over three days of the event was more than 1,500.

Balloons, festive Christmas inflatable structures and trampolines, flashing redemption machines, and various types of simulators and 5D capsules presented at the stands attracted attention and created an atmosphere of celebration.

Beautifully decorated stands, smiling exhibitors and highly motivated visitors, many of whom come to RAAPA exhibitions all the time – this is how "RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2012" looked during the three days of the exhibition work.

A tendency to test novelties of amusement equipment at RAAPA autumn exhibitions should be specifically mentioned. For example, at last year's "RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2011", "ETO" company presented to the visitors SimMotion racing simulator, and "Planet" company - an inflatable spherical planetarium. This year, the visitors demonstrated a great interest to the novelties presented by "Technologii Kino” Design Department and "Roboarmiya.rf." company. The former one showcased a FLYMotion simulator and XD-Motion racing simulator, the latter - a hand of a giant robot. The crossbow shooting gallery by "Robin Hood" shooting club did not stay unnoticed by the specialists, either.

In addition to the increase in the number of exhibiting companies, the growth of the number of visitors at RAAPA autumn exhibition is also clearly seen; among them, it was possible to meet not only the representatives from Russian amusement parks, water parks, family entertainment centers, city administrations, etc., but also foreign specialists.

Information support to "RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2012" was provided by magazines: "Amusement Industry Catalogue", "AquaPark", "Attractions and Entertainments", "Prazdnik", "SportAkademReklama", and web-portal

The visitors noted the high level of the exhibition organization, as well as the actuality of the business program, which was held during the exhibition.

On the eve of the opening of the exhibition, on October 23, a business training entitled: "Operational efficiency of a modern family entertainment complex: CLIENT, SERVICES, PERSONNEL" was held, provided by representatives of EntenS Group company, which has been specializing in services on preparation for the launching and managing of projects in the field of entertainment for over 6 years. Original approaches of the coaches to the topic surprised and impressed even the most experienced professionals in the entertainment business. Despite the tight schedule, the participants remained active and attentive until the very end of the event, and even after the completion of the program did not want to leave, keeping on asking the keynotes more and more questions.

During the exhibition working days, round table discussions on urgent issues of the amusement industry were held: "How to attract visitors to the amusement park and increase revenue with help of new deposit and club loyalty systems", and "Getting ready for adoption of technical regulation “On Safety of Amusement Rides”; also, there took place an extremely and stably  popular among the industry specialists professional information and educational tour over the modern  family entertainment centers of Moscow. This year this exciting event focused on the edutament centers and interactive play complexes. During the day, tour participants were welcomed by "Dinosauria" theme park, a virtual entertainment complex "Physics Theatre Nikola Tesla" Teleportation”, “Experimentanium” entertaining science museum, and “Cosmic Belaya Dacha” epicenter of active leisure. Top-managers and executives talked about the specifics and the secrets of managing the family entertainment centers, about work with personnel, and pecularities of operating different sorts of amusement rides and entertainment equipment.

Like last year, in the days when the autumn exhibition was held, RAAPA Education Center sessions on safe and efficient operation of amusement rides (October 22-27) took place. 45 experts in amusement industry came from 23 cities of Russia and the CIS countries to get new knowledge and share experiences with fellow professionals. In addition to traditional lectures and practical classes, the attendees were able to visit "RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2012", for which they thanked the organizers of the event.

It should be noted that the participants of the RAAPA activities once again featured a wide geographical palette, having come from all parts of the country, the CIS countries, and from abroad. Over 200 professionals of the amusement industry took part in the events held within the frames of the exhibition only.

According to the participants and guests’ feedback, the autumn exhibition was very successful. All three days of its work exhibitors were occupied with business: they negotiated, signed contracts, discussed possible and actual cooperation, and - considered participation in the anniversary spring exhibition "RAAPA EXPO-2013".

The results of RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2012 can be summed in a very simple way: interesting, informative, saturated, useful!

It’s obvious to everyone that "RAAPA EXPO Autumn" goes to a new level!

We invite you to the 15th Anniversary International Exhibition "Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA EXPO-2013", which is to be held through March 20-22, 2013 in Pavilion 75 of VVTs.
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