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Conferences and Seminars


To be held within the frames of the 14th International trade show

«Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA Expo-2012»,

March 21-23, Pavilion 75, VVTs, Moscow

(Application for participation)


Organizer:  Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA)


Supported by: 


  • International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA)

  • Trade Show International Company and also the Moscow Government


To the conference are invited:


  • representatives of regional and cities' administrations,
  • directors of parks, water parks, resorts,entertainment industry enterprises,
  • businessmen and other interested persons.





March 19 (10:00 am – 3:00 pm)  Seminar № 1.  Prospects of children leisure’s development. Safety of kiddie playgrounds and kiddie amusement rides


Presentation topic:

1. Market analysis of family entertainment centers of Russia. The market research results. О.А. Timofeicheva, Executive director of Step by Step group of companies.

Safety standards on equipping of kiddie playgrounds.

А.V. Kuznetsov, General director of KSIL, JSC,  the Chairman of TC 455 «Equipping of kiddie playgrounds”
3. Children’s leisure and sport development through creating of the modern playing and sports developing infrastructure for kiddie playgrounds and sport.

Kudryashov A.V. – Moscow City Government representative, director of State-Owned Institution of Moscow "Engineering service of Teply Stan disrtict"

4. Safety of trampolines and inflatable entertainment equipment. Risks minimization. А.V. Talanov, General director of Rusbal, JSC
5. Organization peculiarities of kiddie edutainment parks in Russia. R.V. Klimov, project manager of Gorod Masterslavl’, Espro Group company
6. Organizing and equipping kiddie play zones in the family entertainment centers (on the example of 4kids module elements). D.A. Chugunov, Deputy commercial director of «New Horizons» company
7. Kiddie amusement park as a new format of active leisure at the family entertainment center. F.V. Gavrichenko, general director of “Skazochnyi les”, ltd, Saint-Petersburg.
8. The experience in equipping of kiddie and sports grounds in the yards, amusement parks, and urban recreation areas. Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy representative





March 20 (10:00 am – 3:00 pm) Seminar № 2. Increasing the amusement park profitability in the modern conditions.


Presentation topic:


1. Municipal amusement park as a profitable business. The components of the amusement park’s successful work.

А.Tarasov, Director of ‘Skazka’ amusement park from city of Lipetsk


Modern approaches in organization and holding of mass events. A technology of new audience attracting.

Е. Galetka, Event-director of united «Afisha» and «Rambler» company.

3. European experience of amusement park operation. Leandro Manucci (Italy) - Hannibal Park director

Effectiveness of advertising in the services promotion and increasing of the amusement park profitability:
5.1. Amusement park as an informative and advertising platform for sponsors, partners, and investors..
5.2. Attraction of visitors into the amusement park via advertising and pr-events.

N.V. Odintsova, Specialist in advertising in the amusement industry

Organization of food-courts at the amusement park territory. How to avoid mistakes?

А. Benyaminov, EntenS Group company


Organization of safe and effective operation of a karting center.

Nebylitsky N.E. –"Silver Rain" Go-kart Centers Director ,  "Silver Rain" Radio station host


Water park visiting (according to application, after 5:00 pm)



March 20 (10:00 am – 4:30 pm) Seminar №3.  Economical effectiveness of family entertainment centers’ work and indoor amusement parks .


Presentation topic:




Optimization of equipment selection for FEC to reduce operation expenses. The ways of investment burden reduction.

А. Sarykin – Managing director of "Happylon" amusement center in «VEGAS» FEC, Moscow 

2. A new concept in the bowling industry – bowling-boutique А. Zimin, Sales director of Brunswick/KidsPlay company in Russia.

Global trends in family entertainment centers’ management

Adrian Drewitz, International Sales manager of Bay Tek Games company, Inc., the USA


Particularities of management and interaction of food-court and entertainment zones in the family entertainment center.

Е.V. Tokmakova, Deputy director general of “Roll-Hall” FEC, Moscow

5. Improvement of the FEC’s economic efficiency via marketing campaigns and related services Kiseleva Lyudmila  - Executive Director of “Cosmic” active leisure centers’ network

Technology of aerography in decoration and theming of the FECs.

D. Kovalev, Rainbrook Projects company, Latvia


A system of motivation and encouragement for the FEC’s personnel.

М.А. Niklaus, Director of human resource department at “Happylon” chain of FECs
8. Practical advicing on management of a bowling club or a bowling area in the family entertainment center. S.B. Buluktaev, Executive director of "Turbo" - network of entertainment centers
S.V. Nakhaev, specialist of the Russian office of «QubicaAMF» company (USA)

A tour to a modern FEC in Moscow; meeting with top managers and specialists of the FEC. (4:30 pm)



March 21 (1:00 pm – 5:00 pm) Business training. MAKING A FESTIVE EVENT TOGETHER: mechanisms of resources attraction


A brief description:

Is led by:

A concept of a festive event; kinds of resources; flow of documents of a festive event; the logic of preparation and holding of a festive event; secrets of successful fund rising; event marketing and other issues.

Tatiana Eshina - Specialist in the field of fund rising, the author of the project of “Pradznik” magazine, and many social-cultural projects.

For all participants of the business training informational materials for saving to flash memory will be prepared.



March 21(3:00 pm – 5:00 pm) Round table.  Safety and effectiveness of water parks operation.


The programme includes presentations made by specialists on the following issues: analysis of risks while organizing the safe operation of water parks; increasing the water park’s profitability via widening the range of services; original formats of entertainment in the water park; use of aqua trainers, etc.


March 21, 6:30 pm - RAAPA reception devoted to the opening of the exhibition “RAAPA Expo-2012” The «Golden Pony Awards Moscow-2012» ceremony.


March 22 (11:00 pm – 1:30 pm) Round table. Practice of successful activity of amusement parks and FECs in Russia and the CIS countries.


During the Round Table, videos and presentations will be shown about the amusement parks and FECs of Russia and the CIS countries. Presentation of the new projects. Debates, discussions, answers to the questions.

March 22 (1:30 pm – 3:00 pm) Round table. Ways to increase the profitability of parks and family entertainment centers: the implementation of a deposit system, use of automated kiosks, automotized calculation and analysis of amusement rides’ visitors.


Speaker: S.B. Kravtsov, General Director of «Ticket Soft», Moscow

March 23 (12:00 pm – 2:00 pm) Round table.  The legal support of business in the Russian amusement industry.


The programme includes: meetings with lawyers; discussion of the new issues related to the specific featuress of the implementation of the law on the small and medium business development in amusement industry; legislation on competition, and copyright protection; state compensation/expenses refund for the advertising and exhibiting activity; legal regulation on the operation of redemption machines.




(Application for participation)

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