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XIII International conference



“Amusement Rides & Entertainmentequipment. Prospects of amusement industry development in Russia”

07 - 08, April, 2008

within the framework of the 10-th International Exhibition
”Amusement Rides & Entertainments RAAPA-2008” (09 – 11, April, 2008).

Moscow, VVTs, Pavilion 69




Organized by: Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA).

Supported by: Moscow Government and International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).


To the Conference are invited:
representatives of the regions and cities administrations, companies-manufacturers of the entertainment equipment, directors of parks, water parks, resorts, entertainment and trade centers and experts of the entertainment industry.





April 07, 2008 г. 

10 a.m.-18 p.m.

Plenary session


1. “Entertainment industry role in social rehabilitation of the disabled”.
(Speaker: Moscow Government representative)


2. “Practice of applying the “Americans with Disabilities Act” to the USA amusement parks”.
(Speaker: Mr. Charlie Bray, the President of IAAPA, USA)


3. “World trends and innovations in the sphere of building entertainment complexes”.
(Speaker: Mr. Yannick Maes, Technical Director of the “KCC” company, Belgium)


4. “Practice of usage of mobile amusement parks”.
(Speaker: Mr. Vaclav Ko?ka, the President of Czech Association of Mobile Amusement Parks).


5. “Methods of inspection and technical examination of mobile amusement parks”.
(Speaker: Mr. Jerry Aldrich, the President of Amusement Industry Consulting, USA)


6. “Legal aspects of entertainment and park business in Russia. News in Russian Federation Legislation”.
(Speaker: Member of the Moscow Bar – Mr. Оleg Moliboga)


7. “New rules of selling tickets (numbered forms) in the entertainment industry”.
(Speaker: General Director of Federation of Ticket Business, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Ticketshop” Ltd., Pro-rector of Scientific and Innovative activity of the State Academy of Innovation – A.N. Kolesnikov)


8. “Ukrainian market of commercial real estate for entertainment industry operators”.
(Speaker: The Ukrainian Merchant Guild)


9. “Uzbek market of commercial real estate for entertainment industry operators”.
(Speaker: The Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


10. Questions and answers.




April 08,  2008

10 a.m.-18 p.m.

S e c t i o n  № 1
A m u s e m e n t  p a r k s.  

S a f e t y    a n d  o r g a n i z a t i o n o f   w o r k.

1. “Regional amusement parks: recommendations on re-conception and reconstruction”.
(Speaker:General Director of the Consulting Group SOLVER CONSULT - E.L. Deryabina).


2. “Organization of safe work of amusement rides and entertaining equipment in USA parks”.
(Speaker: Mr. Jerry Aldrich, the President of Amusement Industry Consulting, USA)


3. “Safe operation of Inflatables”.
(Speaker: G.V. Mikonin, expert).


4. “Park management. New forms. Work in a winter season. Review of regional and CIS parks activity”.
(Speakers: Directors of regional parks of Russia and CIS countries:
Governmental Enterprise of Tula region “Tula parks” – Martynov V.V.
Park of the 21st century, Belgorod – Karakulov A.N.
Amusement park “Dreamland” (Belarus) – Matyuk V.N.
MPGO Samara “Parks of Samara city” – Syusin V.A.
Amusement park “Anyuta” Ltd., Kingisepp – Platonova L.V.)


5. Questions and answers.

S e c t i o n   № 2
E n t e r t a i n m e n t   C e n t e r s  a n d  

E n t e r t a i n m e n t Z o n e s  i n   F E C s.

1. “Dynamics of development of the entertainment real estate segment in regions. Review of the most prospective regions”.
(Speaker: General Director of Mall Marketing company (Moscow) – А. Vanchugov)


2. “Tendencies of entertainment infrastructure development in family entertainment centers”.
(Speaker: Yaroslav Sobko, the Executive Director of “Gametrade”)


3. “Marketing policy in planning the efficiency of entertainment centers and entertainment zones in family entertainment centers”. (Format requirements, criteria of concept options, peculiarities of project decisions).
(Speaker: - General Director of the Consulting Group “SOLVER CONSULT” - E.L. Deryabina).


4. “Large-format entertainments in family entertainment centers”.


5. “Concept of a modern bowling center”.
(Speaker: “Brunswick Bowling & Billiards”)


6. “Format of a multiplex”.
(Speaker: General Director of “Ruskinoprokat”, Ltd – Dmitrievsky A.N.)


7.“Virtual reality complexes Trans-Force – from idea to realization”.
(Speaker: Vice-president of group of companies Tranzas – N. Muzhikov).


8. “Play zones in baby-goods stores”.
(Speaker: OJSC “Detsky Mir - Center”)


9. “Complex decisions for family entertainment centers”.
(Speaker: R. Khramov, the Director of Development and Technical Support, “Brunswick”).


10. “Climbing walls in family entertainment centers as a method of attracting visitors. Economic model of operation”. (Options of designers’ decisions. Project requirements. Assessment of the degree of interest to wall-climbing).
(Speaker: D. Sklyarenko, General Director of “Walltopia”).


11. Questions and answers.



S e c t i o n № 3
W a t e r   p a r k s.  B u i l d i n g,  o p e r a t i o n  

a n d   s a f e t y  p r o b l e m s.


1. “Water park in a modern family entertainment center. Role and place of water park in a family entertainment center”.
(Speaker:I.A. Sinkevich, Deputy General Director of water park “Kva-Kva Park”, FEC “XL”, Mytischy, MR).


2. “World trends and innovations in the sphere of building water parks”.
(Speaker: ”Action Park”, Spain).


3. “Designing of water parks based upon the best return of investment”
(Speaker: “Water Play”, Canada).


4. “Formats, function, structure and structural units of water parks”.
(Speaker: A.P. Ostroumov, the Executive Director, Kazan Water Park Management).


5. “Architectural decisions of water slides. Safety problems and their solution on water parks designing”
(Speaker: Okan Ozel, Regional Manager, POLIN Waterparks, Turkey)


6.Questions and answers.



April 09, 2008

11a.m.-22 p.m.


10th I n t e r n a t i o n a l   E x h i b i t i o n 

“A m u s e m e n t  R i d e s  a n d   E n t e r t a i n m e n t s 

R A A P A  – 2008”.


  • Participation in the work of the International Exhibition “Amusement Rides and Entertainments”
  • Meeting with manufacturers of amusement rides and entertainment equipment, devoted to the 10th anniversary of RAAPA exhibition.



The rates of participating in the conference – 300 euro (without VAT).

(Plenary session + one of sections, meeting with manufacturers).

To apply for participation and to get more information please contact Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.

The registration of the conference participants will be held in pavilion №69 VVTs:
07, April 2008 - from 9:00 till 10:00






Organizing committee:


Address: Russia, 129223, Moscow, pr-t Mira, 119, VVTs, pav. 69, of.307-311

 tel/fax.:(495) 988-89-48/47; (495)748-34-48; (499)760-35-97; (499)760-38-45; (499)760-38-40





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