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«Innovations in Entertainment Industry of Russia»



April13 – 14 2009

within the frameworks of the 11th Russian Trade Show

of Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment “RAAPA SHOW 2009”

(April 15 - 17 2009)

Moscow, VVTs, pavilion 69





Organized by: Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA).


Supported by:


  • Moscow Government
  • International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).


To the Conference are invited:  Representatives of regions’ and cities’ administrations, enterprises-manufacturers of amusement industry equipment, directors of parks, water parks, resorts, trade and family entertainment centers and amusement industry specialists.





April 13, 2009 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.


P L E N A R Y   S E S S I O N


1. “Development of amusement parks and  family entertainment centers –   is the important national and regional social problem”. 

Speaker: Dankov B.I. – Head of Cultural-Leisure Activity Department of Ministry of Culture of Moscow region Government.


2. “Safety of amusement rides and entertainment equipment. Presentation of the standard GOST R 53130 – 2008 “Safety of Amusement Rides”.

Speaker: Grozovsky G. I. – Chairman of ТC 427.


3. “Amusement industry personnel training and certification. Effective personnel management”.

Speaker:  Andreas Andersen, IAAPA Europe.


4. “New rules of ticket sale (numbered forms) in amusement industry”. Speaker: – Kolesnikov A. N. – General Director of Ticket Business Federation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Ticketshop”, Ltd, Provost of Scientific and Innovative activity of the State Innovation Academy.


5. “Using of multimedia technologies – the next generation of attractions and entertainment   equipment”.

 Speaker: Markus Beyr – Chief Customer Officer of “Kraftwerk Living Technologies”, Austria.


6. “In-line documentation requirements for purchased entertainment equipment and amusement      rides”.

Speaker: “Carousel”, Group of companies. 


7. Questions – Answers.







April 14, 2009. 

10 a.m. - 18 p.m.


S E C T I O N  1  

P A R K   A M U S E M E N T   R I D E S.

S A F E T Y   A N D   M A N A G E M E N T.


1. “Amusement parks in Orlando: impressions, innovations, recommendations”.

Speakers: Sargsyan R.V. - General Director of “GROS”, Ltd, Krasnoyarsk,                       Mukhanov V.V. – General Director of “MVEDesign”, Moscow.


2.  “Overview and analysis of emergency cases on park amusement rides in 2007 – 2008”.

Speaker: Sidorenko L.Е. – Director of Safety Center of Amusement Rides, Krasnodar.


3. “Aspects of financial safety on equipment operation in amusement parks”. Speakers: Pigalev P. L. – Director of “Park Trade” CJSC, Moscow Dyusushe M.М. – Director of “Ostrov Sokrovisch” park, Krasnoyarsk.


4.“Optimization of amusement parks’ operation under economic crisis conditions. Means of park income increase. Recommendations and managerial decisions”.

Speaker: Deryabina E.L. - General Director of “SOLVER CONSULT”, the consulting company.


5. “Organization of active leisure and promotions as a means of attracting park visitors. Useoftheparkareaforfestive events”

Speaker: Zinovyev V.V. – Director of “Fun Time”, Group of companies.


6. “Peculiarities of organizing paintball zones in parks”.

Speaker: “Paintland Park”.


7. Questions– Answers.

S E C T I O N  2.  

F A M I L Y    E N T E R T A I N M E N T    C E N T E R S  

A N D   E N T E R T A I N M E N T   Z O N E S  

I N  T R A D E  C E N T E R S.




1. "Choice of the optimal entertainment segment concept in FECs. Complex decisions for FECs".

Speaker: Sobko Yaroslav – CEO of “Gametrade”, Moscow.


2. “Creative approach to organization of entertainment centers and entertainment zones in FECs. The unique project “St. Petersburg Horrors” – haunted territory.  Indoor theme park of amusement rides – “Dino-Park”.

Speaker: Alexander М. – Art-Director of “Gagarin Park”, St. Petersburg.


3. “Peculiarities of project decisions of FECs and entertainment zones under the crisis conditions. New formats”.

Speaker: Barazzoni Franco – Architect, Baustudio, Italy.


4. “Family entertainment centers: from planning to management”.

Speakers: Malikova Karina – General Manager of “Brunswick” in Russia,   Keller Zh.N. – General Director of “Bowling Cosmic”, CJSC, Moscow.


5. “Innovations in amusement industry under the new economic conditions”.

Speaker: Muzhikov N.V. – Vice-President of “Tranzas”, Group of companies.


6. “Play zones in baby-goods stores”.

Speaker: “Detsky Mir – Center”, Jsc, Moscow.


7. “Organization of laser tag business as a type of investment in the development of FECs. Options of combining this type of business with amusement rides”.


Speaker: Jonathan Plache – “Veqtor”, UK


8. “Entertainment zones for kids and teenagers”.

Speaker: Zinkovsky Maxim – Head of Sales Department of “ODA”, Moscow.


9. Questions– Answers.





S E C T I O N 3.  

W A T E R   P A R K S.

M A I N T E N A N C E.   S A F E T Y   P R O B L E M S.  

N E W     F O R M A T S.


1. “Water preparation in water parks”.
Speaker: Makarenko S.G. – Senior Specialist of “Kwa-Kwa Park”, water park FEC “XL” Mytischy, Moscow region.

2. “Methods of acceleration measurement acting on a person on extreme water rides’ slopes.”
Speakers: Rabinovich B.А. – Vice-President of RAAPA, Sinkevich I.A. – Deputy General Director of“Kwa-Kwa Park”, water park,Mytischy, Moscow region.
3. “Development of internal tourism under the crisis conditions by the example of hotel-entertainment complex with a water park”.
Speaker: Voytko Е.N. – Commercial Director of MC “Kazan Riviera”, Ltd, Kazan.
4.  “New entertainment formats. The unique entertainment component – Aquarium”.
Speaker: – “MC “Neptune Planet”, Ltd, St. Petersburg.
5. Questions– Answers.



April 15, 2009 г. 

11 a.m.-22 p.m.



11th  R U S S I A N   T R A D E  S H O W

O F   A M U S E M E N T   R I D E S   A N D  

E N T E R T A I N M E N T   E Q U I P M E N T

“ R A A P A   S H O W – 2009”.


1. Participation in the Russian Trade Show of Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment.


2. Networking event for amusement rides and entertainment equipment industry specialists devoted to the opening of “RAAPA SHOW - 2009”.




The price for participation in the conference – 300 Euro (VAT not included)


(Plenary session + one of sections, networking event)


To apply for participation in the conference and to get more information, please contact
“Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions”.



The registration of the Conference participants will be held in pavilion 69, VVTs:
April 13, 2009 – 9 a.m. – 10 a.m.






Organizing Committee:



Address: 129223, offices 307-311, pavilion 69, 119 pr-t Mira, Moscow, Russia.

Tel/fax.:(495) 988-89-48/47; (495)748-34-48;

(499)760-35-97; (499)760-38-45; (499)760-38-40





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