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XV International Conference




«Modern trendsin the development of the entertaiment market in Russia»

15 - 16 March 2010 г.

within the framework of the XII International Exhibition

«Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA - 2010»

(17 - 19 March 2010г.)

Moscow, VVTs, pavilion 69





Organized by: Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA).
Supported by: International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA).



To the Conference are invited:


  • Representatives of regions’ and cities’ administrations,
  • directors of parks, water parks, resorts, trade and family entertainment centers and amusement industry specialists,
  • enterprises-manufacturers of amusement industry equipment.





15 March  2010 г. 

10 a.m. -18 p.m.


P L E N A R Y    S E S S I O N


WELCOME SPEECH –V.A. Gnezdilov, President of RAAPA



1. “Support of the development of the amusement industry enterprises in Russia”.

(Speaker: B.A. Rabinovich  – professor, Vice-president of RAAPA)


2. “Peculiarities of the amusement services market in 2010. 

 Review of novelties of entertainment equipment and amusement rides on the world market »

(Speaker:  Frank Seminsky, USA)


3. “Experience of use of the European standard EN 13814 of amusement rides’ safety at technical inspections and certification. (Experience of TUV Süddeutschland)”.

(Speaker: Peter Leutenstorfer – Head of CEN/TC 152 WG1 work group, Germany)


4. “Federal and regional legislation on providing safety of amusement rides”.

(Speaker: O.N. Moliboga – Member of the Moscow Bar)


5. “Fire safety in the operation of entertainment equipment”.

(Speaker:  A.V. Tudos – Editor-in-Chief of “Labour protection and social insurance” magazine)


6. Creation and development of kiddie sports playgrounds in parks and family entertainment centersis an important state and social task”.

(Speaker:  N.S. Bykanov – President of Russian sports engineering Association)


7. “Children’s entertainment clubs. Experience of creation and work”.

(Speaker: A.A. Fartukov – General Director of “Game Tips” company)


8. “Entertainment market of the Kyrgyzstan Republic in 2009 – 2010”.

(Speaker: Nazira Beyshenalieva – Member of the Board of Directors of the “Bank of Asia”, CFO of the “Flamingo” amusement park, Bishkek)


9. “Entertainment market of the Kazakhstan Republic in 2009 – 2010”.

(Speaker: S.V. Nikishin – Deputy Director of the family entertainment center “Duman”, Astana)


10. Questions – Answers.







16 March 2010 г. 

10 a.m.-18 p.m.


S E C T I O N # 1  

A M U S E M E N T P A R K S.

S A F E T Y   A N D   O R G A N I Z A T I O N   O F   W O R K.



1. ”Practice of successful business in the municipal and private parks of Russia.Cooperation with local authorities”.

(Speakers: V.V. Cherniy -  Head of the Administration Department of Zlatoust city district, F.F. Asfandiyarov – Head of the Park Management Department MUP Sterlitamak 

V.K. Arutyunyan – General Director of “AV PARK” company, Mytishchi, Moscow Region)


2. “Peculiarities of purchase of foreign-made amusement rides (new and used).


(Speakers: F. Tardini - Commercial Director of representative office of ZAMPERLA company in Russia, Italy A. Dzokka  - Commercial Director of “ITALPARK AV” company)


3. “Application of legislation on labour protection in amusement parks”.

(Speaker: N.V. Volskaya – Deputy Head of Labour Protection Inspection of Moscow Region)


4. “Use of park areas for organization of mass events, 

holidays and City Days. Possibilities of year-round work”. (Speaker:  I.M. Uvenchikov – General Director of “Corporate culture” company, Moscow)


5. “Work of Ukrainian parks in the crisis period. Management solutions”.

(Speaker: V.I. Kechina. – President of Ukrainian Parks Association)


6. “Virtual tour to Russian parks”.  

(Parks: Izmailovskiy park, Moscow;  Zelenogorskiy park;  Main park of Surgut city; Park “Lakreevskiy les”, Cheboksary)


7. Questions – Answers.



S E С T I O N  №2. 


F A M I L Y  E N T E R T A I N M E N T  C E N T E R S  A N D  

E N T E R T A I N M E N T    Z O N E S   I N  S H O P P I N G  M A L L S




1. “Trends of FEC development in Russia.

Promotion of entertainment object at the local market of services. Pricing policy. Creation of the conditions for emotional attachment to the place of recreation”.

(Speaker: Е. Krupetskaya – General Director of the company «Market Analytics»)


2. “Multifunctional entertainment complexes”.


3. “Organizing management of the object (entertainment zone, FEC). Evaluating the effectiveness of the management and ways to increase profitability”.

(Speaker: Yaroslav Sobko – Executive Director of «Gametrade» company, Moscow)


4.“Creative ideas of the entertainment zone in FEC”.

(Speaker: A. Samedov – specialist of organization, operation and management of FEC)


5. “High-tech entertainment for the whole family”.


6. “Methods of selecting and training personnel. Staff motivation.  Monitoringof work efficiency”.

(Speaker: Oxana Lyu-Fu – HR Specialist for FECs)


7.“Organization and holding of special events. Theme programs for FEC”.

(Speaker: V.V.Zinovyev – General Director of “Fun-Time” company)


8. Questions – Answers.







17 March 2010 г. 

10 a.m.-18 p.m.


X I I    I N T E R N A T I O N A L   E X H I B I T I O N

“A M U S E M E N T   R I D E S   A N D   E N T E R T A I N M E N T    E Q U I P M E N T   R A A P A  –  2 0 1 0”.




1. Participation in the work of the international exhibition “Amusement rides and entertainment equipment RAAPA – 2010”.

2. Meeting with manufacturers of amusement rides and entertainment equipment, dedicated to the opening of “RAAPA – 2010”.


To apply for participation in the conference and for more information please contact Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions.


Registration of participants of the conference will be held in the pavilion # 69, VVTs:  March 15, 2010 - from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m.






18 March 2010 г. 

10 a.m. -16 p.m. (pav. №69, room 201)


Business - training   

“Creation and operation of modern family entertainment centers”.


Trainer: Yaroslav Sobko – Managing director of “GAMETRADE, Ltd” group of companies

In the training take part specialists of USA amusement industry



Topics of Business-training:


  • Choosing of location. Analysis of infrastructure.
  • Defining the target audience of the family entertainment center.
  • Development of business-plan. Profitability of amusement rides and entertainment equipment.
  • Main items of expenses.
  • Marketing of the family entertainment center.
  • Equipment: maintenance, repair, rotation and replacement.
  • Work with corporate clients.


During the training is planned review and solution of specific cases for new and existing family entertainmentcenters




Organizing Committee:


Address:Russia, 129223, Moscow, pr-t Mira, 119, VVTs, pav. 69, of.307-311

 tel/fax.:(495) 988-89-48/47; (495)748-34-48; (499)760-35-97; (499)760-38-45; (499)760-38-40





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