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IX International Conference

(Park Hotel “Heliopark Country Resort”, Moscow,
3-8 September, 2004)


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Those who for some reasons could not participate in the Conference work can purchase CD with the presentations (25$) delivered at the Conference sessions.

INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “AMUSEMENT RIDES, ENTERTAINMENT CENTRES, THEME PARKS AS INVESTMENT AND INCOME OBJECTS” took place on September 3-8, 2004 at the ”Park Hotel “Heliopark Country”, Taldom district of the Moscow Region.

The Conference was organized by the Russian Association of Amusements Parks and Attractions (RAAPA) with the support of the Committee of Inter-Regional Relations and National Policy of Moscow Government.

In the event took part 135 representatives from 103 firms and companies, including enterprises-manufacturers of equipment for amusement industry, parks, health resorts, shopping and amusement centers and representatives of territorial and city administrations and other specialists and experts.

Rather impressive was the geography of the Conference participants. They represented various regions of Russia, including Moscow, St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk Territories, Volgograd region, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chuvashiya, Buryatiya and foreign companies from the UK, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Byelorussia and Uzbekistan.

The Conference was opened by the RAAPA’s President Mr. Vladimir A. Gnezdilov. Addressing the audience he welcomed the participants and expressed a resolution to make this event a traditional one. With welcoming speeches also addressed the participants Siberian Parks League’s President Mr. Roman N. Romanov, Russian Water Park Association’s Director Mr. Igor S. Volkovinskiy and the “Heliopark”s Head of Hotel Division Mr. Sergey E. Kolesnikov, who in their turn mentioned actuality and importance of the event in the light of observed rapid growth of entertainment centres, aqua parks and themed amusement parks and also in providing hotel complexes and recreation departments with the amusement equipment.

During the Conference to the participants were delivered the presentations
• On leasing and investments in amusement business:
Director General of The “Russo” Investment Company Mr. Andrey .V Rusanov, Deputy Director of “Moscow Leasing Company Mr. Michail V. Tkachenko, Legal Department Chief of the VEGA-SERVICE LTD Leasing Company Mr. Konstantin I. Reiter.
• On insurance of attractions and amusement technique and equipment:
Director of the ROSNO Insurance Company Moscow region Retail Centre Mr. Pavel A. Bashnin, Economist of the “Gosstrakh” Insurance Company Mr. Victor V. Lobovskiy.
• On Design and Planning of Parks and Amusement Centres:
The “Sarner Ltd”, Director General Mr. Ross Magri, The “Baustudio” Director General Mr. Franco Barazzoni. They have minutely considered various stages of the design process for amusement centres and themed parks from initial stage up to completion which are necessary for development of the first rate project capable to work and to contribute and deliver to the success of the whole enterprise.

There also have been considered some issues of design and planning of modern multiple oriented amusement objects meeting the requirements of various market sectors and discussed practically adopted methods and procedures of putting operation the project into operation.

Rather keenly and with great interest have responded the participants to the presentation of the “Heliopark”s Head of Hotel Division Mr. Sergey E. Kolesnikov “Infrastructure Development – Key Success Factor in Hotel Business” – for a long time they did not let him go from the rostrum and overwhelmed him with new and new questions.

Participants also showed a great interest to the presentations of the “Divo-Ostrov” Amusement Park (St. Petersburg) Executive Director Mrs. Elena L. Deryabina and of the “Attraction-Expo” JSC (Moscow) Director General Mr. Andrey G. Pleskov who cited concrete examples of payback for different types of rides and attractions and of advisability of investments in the amusement business.

An example of quick payback on amusement technique also gave in his presentation Mr. Michail A. Pervunin Financial analyst of the QUBICA RUSSIA & CIS, (Italy, Moscow office). He presented information and estimates on the rate of payback for new amusement equipment on the Russian market – “Mini-Bowling” compared with the traditional “standard” bowling. Chief designer of the “Plastron Co Ltd.” Mr. S.G. Oshurkov delivered presentation “Water park attractions. Importance and payback”.

And also was not set aside the traditional for RAAPA events topic – “Attractions, Amusement Equipment and Visitors Safety in the Parks and Entertainment Centres”. Presentations on this topic which lately has become the most urgent were made by Prof. Leonid G. Odintzov, Chief Specialist of the EMERCOM of Russia Research Institute, Mr. Gianni Chiari (Italy), the Operative Secretary of the European Association of Amusement Supplier Industry (EAASI), Mr. Vladimir A. Nikulin, the “PAX” Design Office”(Moscow) Chief Engineer. The Conference participants showed considerable interest to the presentation of Mr. Sergey B. Kravtzov, Director General of the “Ticket Soft” Company “, called “State-of-the art Сomputer Management Systems for Parks and Entertainment Centres”.

The last day of the Conference was devoted to presentation of leading attractions and amusement technics manufacturers and their products. In this «Manufacturer Day» took part such companies as: “Eurobundgy” (Germany), “Avenue Design” (Moscow), “Ticket Soft” (Moscow), “SKIF RKR” (Moscow), “Attraction Factory” (Moscow), “Romana” (Chuvashiya, Cheboksary), Private entrepreneur Mr. A.A. Shinin (Moscow), “Attractions from Volzhsky” (Volgograd Region, Volzhsky), JSC “Attraction” (Krasnodar Region, Eysk), “Sarner Ltd.” (UK), “Design office “Pax” (Moscow), “Gaming Eguipment Manufacturing” (Moscow), “Carousel East & West” (Moscow), “Grafitek Bowling” (Moscow), “QUBICA RUSSIA&CIS” (Moscow), “Angarsk Automation Experimental Design Office”, “Extreme Games” (Minsk), “Bolide” (St. Petersburg), Italian Trade Organization (“ITO”), “Antonio Zamperla” (Italy), “ New Horizons” (Moscow) and others.

Many of them found new customers and purchasers of their products among the Conference participants and some of them concluded contracts outright on the place and have already installed their game machines in the “Heliopark” Park Hotel.

Exchange of views and opinions did not end till the late of night. In the questionnaire forms offered to fill in to the Conference participants they unanimously pointed to the high professional level of the event, positive results of meetings and negotiations held during the Conference and their readiness to participate in the next RAAPA Conference in September 2005.

To the participants was also offered rather rich cultural program including lake fishing, the Boar-show, animators and the swimming pool with aqua slides, baths, saunas and Thai massage for willing ones.

All the participants remained satisfied and pleased both with the Conference professional work and offered minutes for leisure in the picturesque environment.

Russian Association of Amusements Parks and Attractions (RAAPA) invites all to visit the 7th International Exhibition “Attractions and Entertainments RAAPA’2005” which will be held at the VVTs (Moscow) on 14-16 April, 2005.

On April 13 within the exhibition program will be held the International seminar topic of which we would like to define with your participation.

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