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The 5th Moscow Autumn Trade Show

"Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment"


"RAAPA EXPO Autumn 2011"

SEMINAR "Technology of organizing and holding of summer/winter festive events".


(October 18, 2011)

Moscow, VVTs, pavilion №55


(location map)


Organazed by:  РRussian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA)


Keynote speaker:  Anna Sapozhkova Creative director of group of companies «ShowLand», an associate professor of Moscow State University of Culture and Arts, prize-winner of «Grani Teatra Mass state award» 


Seminar objectives:


  • Handling the technology of preparation and holding of different types of special events in the amusement parks, Family Entertainment Centers, sanatoriums, resorts, etc.
  • Analysis of the key aspects of preparation and holding of summer festive corporate events.
  • Introduction into a «creative» - the techniques of launching the creative reasoning; modeling an event scenario.
  • Widening of the arsenal of game technologues modes and methods of animators’ work.


Seminar content:


  • Introduction into creativity (author’s development) – training on development of creative reasoning.
  • A festival that has never been seen before – modeling of unconventional concepts of summer/winter festivals. A festival as an instrument of emotional stimulation. The importance of a creative scenario
  • How to organize a festival in the open air?Objectives and tasks of the festival. Ground idea of the festival. The role of a director of the festival. Organization stages of preparation and of holding of the festival. Planning the festival. Time, space and budget of the festival. Event scenario. Inner and external resources. Mechanisms of fixing the positive effects.
  • Summer/winter festivals classification. Special features in festivals holding.
  • Setting up of the play basis of the festival. Master’s «storeroom». Games to be played by people.
  • State holidays and situations which can be used for organizing of a festive event.
  • Incentive and team building. Summer exit festive events.
  • Children and sports festivals in amusement parks and FECs. ЦTarget audience and its age and psychological peculiarities.
  • Elaboration, details adjustment and optimization of the budget of event. Exploring the need in sound and light equipment of the festival. Visual support and support of the scenic action.
  • Making a festival (interactive game) «Setting up a festival event in the open air».
  • Game basis for a festival in the open air: professional elaborations and examples of animation work; modeling of a creative scenario of the festive event; selection and usage of the game equipment and amusement rides in the open air events; organizing of work with contractors (technical fitting out, catering, amusement rides, gaming equipment, styling).                       


The way Seminar works: case studies, discussions, play and training exercises.


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