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Business forum of amusement industry professionals

The 16th International Exhibition 

«Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment»

«RAAPA EXPO - 2014»


Business forum of amusement industry professionals


March 10-14, 2014


Sponsor: «PAX» Group of companies


Program of events:


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March 10-11 10:00 am – 6:00 pm:


БBUSINESS TRAINING: «7 Technologies of successful family entertainment centers. Best experience from Russia and the USA ».


This training course is based on a many years experience of educating amusement industry operators, and on the practice of creating new family entertainment centers in Russia and the USA.




1.How to arrange a successfully functioning family entertainment center?;
2. How to attract bigger number of visitors?;
3. What keeps visitors in family entertainment center?;
4. What influences the cost of an average bill?;
5. Why don’t they come back?.
6. Why is family entertainment center losing money?.
7. Where does one get new technologies to improve the work of family entertainment center?


Trainer:  «Gametrade» company.


Стоимость участия: 12990 руб.** (после 15.02.14), 9990 руб.** (до 15.02.14),


March 1110:00 am – 5:00 pm


INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: : «City Amusement Park of the XXI century as a main place for recreation and entertainment»



1. Rope Courses: design, operation, safety questions.

Konstantin Petranin – Project Manager of «Vysotny Gorod».


2. Winter season: «hibernation» or active work time? Organization of festive events for different categories of visitors of amusement parks.

Park of Culture and Leisure «FILI».


3. How to open an amusement park? Economical ground for profitability of several kinds of entertainment equipment.

Taras Buryak – Deputy Director of Business Development of «Mir Design» company.


4. Functional and thematic zoning of amusement parks at their restoration and reconstruction.

Representatives of Parks of Culture and Leisure of Russia and the CIS.


5. Animation as a method of attracting and keeping visitors in amusement parks.

Moscow State University of Culture and Arts.


6. Safety of theme park visitors.

Larry Chickola, VP and Chief Corporate Engineer of «Six Flags Theme Parks» (the USA)


7. Application of modern automation systems in amusement parks. Problem of missing of IT filling in amusement parks: new market B2I.

Kirill Myakon’kikh – Head of Amusement Park Automation trend of «DataKrat» company, Yekaterinburg.


8. Use of amusement parks space for holding festivals and public events. Technologies of attracting new visitors.

Yevgenia Galetka – Event Manager of joint company «Afisha» and «Rambler».


9. ПPractice of the development of investment project (business plan) for country theme park.

Yu.A. Kosenkov - «Soeks – tourism» expert АNО «SOYUZEXPERTIZA» RF CCI.


10. Amusement park as a hobby and avocation center.

The Speaker to be confirmed.


11. Artistic decoration of amusement playgrounds as a method of raising of amusement parks’ recognition level.

Denis Kovalev - «Rainbrook Projects» company (Latvia).


12. Skating Rink in amusement park: new technical decisions and multiple operating features.

«Carousel» company»


Стоимость участия: 5000 руб.*


March 11 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm


PRACTICAL TRAINING in Moscow City «New trends in the activity of family entertainment centers»



  • Visit to modern active leisure center «Kosmic» in «Afimall-City» FEC. Meeting with Heads of the FEC and design engineers.

  • Bowling tournament!

  • Reception.


This event is supported by «Brunswick/KidsPlay» company (the USA) «Brunswick/KidsPlay» (США)


Стоимость участия: 3500 руб.


March 12


10:00 pm – 6:00 pm - Exhibition working hours.

11:00 am- Opening ceremony of «RAAPA EXPO – 2014».


1:00 pm – 3:00 pm ROUND TABLE: «Safety and efficiency in water park operation»

This program will include the discussion of the most topical issues: monitoring of accidents and possible risks in the operation of water parks; analysis of legal grounds for organizing safe operation of water parks; training of rescuers and personnel training, raising profitability of a water park by means of broadening the range of services; new formats of entertainments in water parks, etc.


Moderator: I. Sinkevich – Executive Director of «Suvar» water park, Kazan.


Участие бесплатное.


3:00 pm – 5:00 pm - ROUND TABLE: «Epoch of virtual attractions and simulators»

1. EonVision Idome: entertainment in motion

2. Fulldome technologies in amusement industry: multi-functional digital planetariums and spherical cinemas.

3. Closer to reality: newest autos, moto- and plane - simulators.

4. Interactive entertainment complexes for children with kiddie development programs.

5. Media-café: attraction and restaurant – two in one.

6. 5D who will make more? Innovations of cinemas and stereo attractions.


Russian and foreign companies perform.


Участие бесплатное.

6.30 pm - ПRAAPA Reception devoted to the opening of exhibition RAAPA EXPO – 2014 «Golden Pony Awards-2014» Awarding Ceremony   ((Hotel «Cosmos», «Vecherniy Kosmos» Hall)


Стоимость участия: 4400 руб.


March 13 


8:30 am – 10:00 am - BUSINESS BREAKFAST «Ideal entertainment business from the professionals’ point of view. Подробная программа делового завтрака.


Business Breakfast is a new event of an interactive format meant for discussing topical issues on running entertainment business; a unique place for heads of the companies, top managers and leading business consultants.

In the course of the event key aspects of FEC’s work will be observed, typical mistakes and successful experience will be analyzed. You will be able to take part in an interesting discussion/business game, to understand how to improve your amusement parks and entertainment grounds work, to meet and socialize with your colleagues from different regions, and also… to start morning in a pleasant atmosphere with a cup of tea or coffee and delicious breakfast.


Стоимость участия: 2500 руб.


10:00 am – 6:00 pm - Exhibition working hours.


10:30-17:30 - BUSINESS TRAINING: «Kiddie center as an anchor subdivision of a family entertainment center». Подробная программа бизнес-тренинга.


In the course of the training all key aspects of kiddies entertainment centers work will be observed from forming the general concept of the center, inner zoning, routing the play ground and choice of equipment to activity analysis, marketing business development tools, price formation, animation activity, content of entertainment programs, etc.    



Trainer:  «Park Management» company.


Стоимость участия: 7000 руб.*


10:30 am–6:00 pm - BUSINESS TRAINING: «Personal efficiency of a Manager in entertainment business. Подробная программа бизнес-тренинга.


Тренинг предназначен для руководителей развлекательных комплексов (развлекательных зон, центров, открытых и закрытых парков), которые ставят перед собой задачу повысить эффективность собственной деятельности.

По итогам тренинга вы поймете: что значит быть эффективным руководителем; как все успеть; как быть убедительным и позитивно влиять на сотрудников; как формировать аргументы, с которыми трудно спорить; что делать в сложных стрессовых ситуация на работе  и многое другое.



Trainer:  «EntenS Group» company.


Стоимость участия: 7500 руб.*


March 14


10:00 am – 4:00 pm - Exhibition working hours.


3:00 pm- 4:00 pm - Handing diplomas to participants of the exhibition. Closing ceremony.


* Второй участник из одной компании получает скидку 20%, третий – 40% от стоимости мероприятия.
** При подаче заявки после 15 февраля 2014 года, стоимость участия 12990 руб., до 15 февраля - стоимость участия 9990 руб., при этом скидки за участие более 1 представителя компании сохраняются.



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