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Business forum of amusement industry professionals. March 03-07, 2015

Business forum of amusement industry professionals held

in the frame of the exhibition RAAPA EXPO — 2015


Organizer: Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA)

General sponsor: PAX Group of Companies


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March 03, Tuesday


10:00 - 18:00 BUSINESS-TRAINING: 


Modern approach to leisure and cultural activities of parks.


Trainer: Mr. Uvenchikov I.M. – Chief Editor of Prazdnik magazine, General Manager of the Corporate culture Company.



  • City festival events in parks: days of the city, calendar, professional, jubilee celebrations, etc.
  • Modern trends of holding outdoor activities.
  • Organization of festivals, youth quests, game contests, family oriented theme programs.
  • Volunteers in parks. Visitors’ involvement in the leisure and cultural activity of parks.
  • Expanding techniques arsenal of game technology, methods of animators’ work.
  • Using zones of amusement rides and game arcades areas for holding events.
  • Cross marketing as a technology assisting to develop under crisis, etc.


10:00 - 16:00 PRACTICE SEMINAR: 


How to turn a kitchen into a profit center of your entertainment complex. Modern technologies and turnkey solutions.


Trainers: Ms. Ludmila Kiseleva, consultant, expert of FEC and restaurant management with 20 years experience of work in amusement industry and experts fromthe companies RATIONAL (Germany) and Russian Project ТМ (Russia).



  • How to increase revenue and optimize expenses of the functioning restaurant in a family entertainment center.
  • How to organize the operation of the kitchen in family entertainment centers of various formats with minimum equipment and personnel.
  • How to increase the speed of servicing guests and always serve high quality food.
  • Practical advice on menu formation.
  • Master class of a chef from RATIONAL company. Participation in cooking.


The practice seminar will be held on the premises of a specialized training center.


We will cook together!


March 04, Wednesday




Current tendencies of developing parks of culture and leisure: modern concepts, new formats of leisure, innovational approach to the operation


1. Overview of the Russian market of parks and amusement rides.

Ms. Olga TimofeichevaExecutive Director of Step by Step Group of Companies.

2. Development of effective navigational system in parks and recreation zones. (by the example of «Ostankino» park).

Mr. Ozerenskiy V.Y., Head of projects development of Gorodskaya Sreda company

3. Fountain in the park. Creative designing solutions and peculiarities of its operation.

4. Modern technologies of landscape illumination. Illumination of amusement rides and other objects.

Mr. Sarnadskiy A.S., General Director of City Exclusive, Group of companies.

5. Thematization of parks and public recreation areas in relation to demands and needs of modern visitors.

Mr. Francisco Javier Ramon-Murcia, CEO and Marina Shulzhenko,Area Sales Manager Rocas & Design (Spain).

6. Overview of world trends of visiting activity of theme parks and museums in 2014.

Ms. Nina Novikova, Director of economic research department of AECOM company in Russia.

7. Thematic animation, show and kiddie developing programs for the parks (by the example of a projects Chudesarium).

Mr. Alexander Bolnykh, author and producer of kiddy fairy tale brand Chudesarioum.

8. Target programs of city parks development.

Mr. Andrey Zhuravlev, State Company Tulskiye Parki.

9. Problems of municipal park operation under current terms. Choice of the optimal format for amusement parks.

Mr. Alexey Tarasov, Director of Nizhniy Park, Lipetsk.

10. Peculiarities of planning and safety of kiddie play grounds. Experience of projects realized in Sochi Park.

Speaker to be confirmed.


10:00 - 18:00 SEMINAR: 


Sales management of kiddie entertainment center – obvious solutions and plain secrets.


Trainer: Ms. Ludmila Kiseleva, consultant, expert of FEC and restaurant management with 20 years experience of work in amusement industry  jointly with  UCS Company. 


Major topics of the seminar:

  • How to create the sales system of arcade games center.

  • Methods of arcade game machines revenue increase in Your family entertainment center.

  • Algorithm of developing special rates menu.

  • Who is selling better personnel or employees?

  • Using the potential of G-KEEPER program in the sales management system of  kiddie entertainment center.

The seminar will be held on the grounds of one of the Moscow entertainment centers.




WATER PARKS: safety, operation, revenue increase.


1. Managing of a water park operation under the crisis conditions.

Mr. Pankin А.А., Director of multifunctional complex with a water park Moreon.

2. Water conditioning in water park – modern technologies and solutions.

Ms. Makarenko S.G., Chief specialist of water conditioning of water entertainment park Kva-Kva Park.

3. Analysis of accidents in water parks.

Mr. Petrenko A.N., Deputy Director of LLC Amusement Rides Safety Center, expert of GOST-R certification system (Krasnodar).

4. Training of instructors and education of water park personnel.

Mr. Sinkevich I.A., Executive Director of water entertainment park Kva-Kva Park.

5. All money should go in the cash desk! How to increase the revenue of a water park.

Mr. Kabanov D.V., Head of sales department of DataKrat Company.

6. New solutions for aqua park thematization as a method of increasing its efficiency under changing  market conditions.

Rocas & Design Company (Spain).

7.1. New projects of water slides and water rides for water parks.

7.2. Trends and innovations in the sphere of water parks construction.

Mr. Grant Poje, Executive Vice President of EMEAR of Whitewater Company (Canada).


March 05, Thursday


10:00 - 18:00 Exhibition hours


11:00 «RAAPA EXPO -2015» Opening Ceremony




Get acquainted with the novelties of amusement industry!

Within the framework of the round table first time exhibitors will present their production and services to the specialists of amusement industry. At the event there will be a presentation of new equipment, new formats of leisure and services for the amusement industry, not yet familiar for the wide exhibition audience, and arcade game novelties which will be soon marketed in Russia.


14:00 - 17:30 EXPRESS - TRAINING: Birthday celebration» as a key service of a Family entertainment center.


Trainer: Park Management Company - a consulting company in the field of entertainment business specialized in concept development, design, start up, management and audit of family entertainment centers of various kinds, kiddie play grounds and other entertainment facilities.




  • «Infrastructure» of a service  «Birthday celebration».
  • Sales statistics: major analytical data.
  • Principles of forming package deals.
  • Recommendations on price formation.
  • Sales of related goods and extra services.
  • Marketing «Birthday celebration» service.


18:30 RAAPA GALA DINNER dedicated to the opening of RAAPA EXPO – 2015 exhibition. Awarding Ceremony «Golden Pony Awards-2015» (Restaurant Khizhina»)



March 06, Friday


10:00 - 18:00 Exhibition hours


10:30 - 17:30 BUSINESS - TRAINING: Effective business model of a family entertainment center sized up to 1000 sq. m.


Trainer: Park Management Company - a consulting company in the field of entertainment business specialized in concept development, design, start up, management and audit of family entertainment centers of various kinds, kiddie play grounds and other entertainment facilities.




1. Optimal concept and format of family entertainment centers sized up to 1000 sq. m.

2. Price policy of entertainment facilities (kiddie playgrounds, arcade games zone).

3. Key recommendations in question of FEC managing and  (non)retail income producing.

4. Recommendations on choice and operation of equipment.

5. Redemption: detailed specification, system setting, its importance for projects’ success.

6. Project marketing (promotion, examples of specials and offers).


7. Activity analysis (main statistical data) of family entertainment centers.


13:00 - 16:00  ROUND TABLE: Event in the park. Top-10 best events in the parks in 2014.


1. Interactive amusement rides in the city festivals. Experience of operator and organizer.

Mr. Igor Lutenko, General Manager of Party2Go Company.

2. Park as an effective event platform. Experience in marketing and sales.

Speaker to be confirmed.

3. A festival as an edutainment format of events in the park.

Ms. Maria Galperina, Co-founder of the festival «Yarkie Ludi».

4. Technical innovations in organizing big scale park events.

Mr. Vlad Severtsev, General Manager of «Russian Visual Artists»

5. Top -10 best events and activities in the parks in 2014 season. Exchange of experience.

6. Voting for the best event in the park in the season of 2014.


17:00 - 18:00 ANNIVERSARY PARTY: RAAPA - 20 years with you.


The 20th anniversary of the Russian association of amusement parks and attractions (RAAPA):

  • What did it start with
  • Friends and partners
  • Show program, cocktail party


March 07, Saturday


10:00 - 16:00 Exhibition hours


10:10 - 15:00 MASTER CLASS: Attract, convince, survive. Three skills: managing  yourselves, others, clients.


Moderators: Gametrade Group Company specialists: Mr.Yaroslav Sobko, Mr. Maksim Deniskin, Ms. Yekaterina Khrenova.


15:00 - 16:00 Golden medals awarding for the best exposition. Closing ceremony.


Note: The cost of participation in events is indicated in the application form.


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