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Business Forum Of Amusement Industry Professionals

The 15th Anniversary International Exhibition  

«Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment»

«RAAPA EXPO – 2013»




March 18–22, 2013

Moscow, VVTs, Pav.75

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Download the program of events here



March 18, 2013  (10:00 - 17:00)


BUSINESS TRAINING «Organization of food-courts in amusement parks and family entertainment centers».


Trainer: «EntenS Group» Company (Moscow), which has been specializing in services on preparation for the launching and managing of projects in the field of entertainment for over 6 years. The company experts have a 15 year work experience in the sphere of entertainment business, and have gone through the overseas training in operation administration in the world famous family entertainment centers of the USA and the UAE.


SEMINAR «The practice of working with the family entertainment center personnel».


1. Organization of an amusement park and FEC personnel functioning.

D. Vedernikov - Business consultant of IMBD Partners company, a specialist in the sphere of development of work standards development for personnel occupied in the service sector.


2. Entertainment business personnel training.

N. Marshal – HR director of «Academia» - chain of kiddie development centers


3. РWork with personnel in the sphere of provision of amusement rides’ visitors safety.

V.I. Dorogov - Leading engineer in quality, the Russian branch of «Siemens» company


4. Why do you make your employees steal in your FECs.

“Gametrade” company


5. Personnel motivation and management.

The speaker to be confirmed.


6. Personnel as the main tool of increasing the profit of a FEC.

E.S. Krupetskaya -  Managing partner of Fenix Consult Group company



March 19, 2013  (10:00 - 16:00)


PRACTICAL TRAININGS at the «Volshebnaya Strana» FEC, «Europeisky» Shopping Mall- «Developing a successful FEC: all aspects of business».


In the program: visit to the FEC, meeting with the top managers, designers and creators of the FEC, discussion of a project, lectures, workshop.

Trainers: «Brunswick/KidsPlay» Company (USA), «Cosmic» (Russia).



March 20, 2013


10:00 - 18:00 - Exhibition working hours.


11:00 - RAAPA EXPO-2013 Opening ceremony


12:30 - Press-conference


14:00 - 18:00 - BUSINESS TRAINING: «Using festive and entertainment events as well as show technologies for increasing the income of FECs and amusement parks. Imprinting a FEC’s brand in the visitors’ consciousness»

Trainer: I.M. Uvenchikovв – Editor-in-chief of «Prazdnik» magazine, a General director of «Corporative Culture» company


15:00 - 16:00 - ROUND TABLE: «Application of modern automatization systems on the example of established amusement parks: increasing profitability, customer-oriented business, innovative technologies»

Trainer: Kirill Myakon’kikh- Head of amusement parks automatization trend, “DataKrat” company, Yekaterinburg


18:30 -  RAAPA reception,  devoted to the exhibition opening. Церемония награждения «Golden Pony Moscow-2013» awarding ceremony («Kosmos» hotel, «Vecherniy Kosmos» hall)


March 21, 2013


10:00 - 18:00 - Exhibition working hours.


11:00 - 16:30 - BUSINESS TRAINING: «Commercial management and profit-making of a bowling club»

Trainer«Park Management» Company - a consulting company in the sphere of entertainment business, specializing in concept developing, project-making, putting into operation, management and audit of family entertainment centers, billiards and bowling clubs, kiddie playgrounds, arcade game areas, and other entertainment facilities.


13:00 - 16:00 - SHOW-CONTEST: «The practice of successful amusement parks and FECs’ operation in Russia and the CIS countries»

During the event, a demonstration of videos and presentations of amusement parks and FECs of Russia and the CIS countries will take place. A presentation of new projects. Discussion, answering the questions. At the end of presentations and projects a CONTEST will take place – the event participants will vote for the BEST of the FECs presented. The winner will get a prize – the “KEY Master” amusement machine provided by the Exhibition Sponsor –YUGIS company

Everyone who wants may take part in it! 


17:00 -18:00 – «RAAPA EXPO - 15 years together with you».

RAAPA EXPO: PAST, NOW, FUTURE. Awarding the long-term exhibition partners. Show program.


March 22, 2013


10:00 - 16:00 - Exhibition working hours.


11:00 - 14:00 - OPEN CONFERENCE: «Increasing amusement parks and FECs’ attractiveness and attendance via applying the creative technologies»:


1. Development of an up-to-date landscape concept for an amusement park.

K. Lazareva – Vice-president of Guild of landscape industry professionals.


2. Using small scale golf and mini-golf in amusement parks and FECs.

I.I. Sergeev  – Vice-president of Russian golf association.


3. The advantages of a cashless payment system for a FEC.

A. Bisi – Embed company (the UK).


4. The European experience of cooperation between amusement parks and schools. The educative element in the amusement industry.

U.L. Hansen – Edutament manager of “Up and down education” company (Denmark).


5. Online shaping a brand of a FEC: a complex of promotion tools, reputation management, traffic attraction.

V.V. Fertova - Financial director of Fenix Consult Group company.


12:00 - 14:00 - ROUND TABLE: «Safety and effectiveness of a water park operation»

In the program: presentations by amusement industry specialists on the following issues: risk analysis while organizing a safe water park operation; increasing the water park profitability via broadening the range of services; entertainment formats for a water park, etc.

Trainer: I.A. Sin’kevich – Executive director of “Rivera” water park, Kazan city


15:00 - 16:00 - Handing in the Diplomas to the exhibitors. Closing ceremony.


Download the program of events here






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