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MARCH 01 – 05, 2016


Organizer: Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA)

General sponsor: PAX Group of Companies


Program of events

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March 01, Tuesday


10:00 - 18:00 (room 101)


BUSINESS TRAINING: «Creating effective personnel management in an amusement park»


Trainer: Ms. Marina Niklaus – an HR expert in amusement industry field, business trainer, has a work experience as a Head of HR in the biggest outdoor amusement parks and network family entertainment centers.


Some of the topics to be highlighted:

  • Required terms for efficient work of personnel of amusement parks;

  • Analysis of typical mistakes of an amusement park executive;

  • Algorithm of selecting and hiring an amusement park personnel;

  • Manager’s role in molding a «dream team»;

  • Methods of holding trainings, including offsite events;

  • Elaboration and implementation of quality standards of guest service;

  • Motivation schemes for individual and team results;

  • other topics.


March 02, Wednesday


10:00 - 17:00 (room 102)


CONFERENCE: «Strategies of development of parks of culture and leisure»


1.  «Dreamland»: project presentation of the first theme amusement park in Moscow.

Ivan Scholl, Regions group

2. «Changing strategy: hosting only successful events in a park during summer and winter seasons»

Natalya Semukhina, «Attraction» Company, Tomsk

3. Contact zoo as an element of a park’s infrastructure.

       3.1.  Contact zoo as a leisure and edutainment space. Animal-assisted therapy in conditions of city environment.

      Marya Stromnova, director of contact zoo «Lesnoye posolstvo»

       3.2.  Challenges of creating and servicing of contact zoos.

      Specialists of contact zoo network«Zverushki kak igrushki»

4.  How to turn a landscape into an entertainment: elevated nature trails, adventure parks, «wonder caves» and other new leisure formats in parks.

Dmitry Sklyarenko, chief executive of «GoPark» company

5.  Food truck, «F&B on wheels». Special features of operating and managing business.

Konstantin Mizraki,«CateringTruck» company

6.  «City farm», the new format of an edutainment center.

Asya Dunayevskaya, Mikhail Plotnikov, «City farm» at VDNH

7. Safety arrangements for park zones and public events.

Valery Svetlov, chief executive of JSC Private Security Enterprise «Karat-Ts»

8. Innovative high-tech technologies for organizing active leisure in parks.

Harry Kerkhoff, «New Horizons» Company 

9.  Prize machines or how to make people believe it’s not a «scam».

Nikolay Dolzhansky, founder of «BOLID» Company

10.  Arrangement of an electro carting center. Analysis of carting market in Russia.

Vitaly Kotlov, sales executive of «VIA Bowling Products» company.



10:00 - 18:00

OFFSIGHT SEMINAR: «Methods of successful operation of a family entertainment center in current economic conditions.

How to start up and manage an efficient FEC»


Moderator: Ms. Ludmila Kiseleva - consultant, expert in FEC and restaurant management with 20 year experience of work in amusement industry..



  • What are highly sought formats of entertainment in the period of consumer demand decrease.

  • How to correlate services package and business model of a FEC.

  • The size matters: optimal spaces for various types of FECs.

  • Selection principles of amusement equipment for various business types FECs. 

  • How amusement equipment becomes a sales tool and much more.


At the seminar types of business models and investment options for FECs sized from 300 to 3000 sq.m will be observed.


The seminar will be held on the premises of a new family entertainment center in Moscow!



March 03, Thursday


10:00 - 18:00 Exhibition hours


11:00 RAAPA EXPO – 2016 Opening Ceremony


13:00 - 15:00 (room 101)



Get acquainted with the novelties of amusement industry!

Within the framework of the Roundtable discussions, the first time exhibitors of RAAPA EXPO will present their products and services to the professionals of amusement industry. The event will provide a chance to get acquainted with the equipment, new formats of leisure and services for the amusement industry, as well as with the play novelties not yet having been demonstrated on the Russian market.



14:00 - 16:30 (room 103)


INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR: «World’s experience in operation and organization of business of water parks»


1.  Training of instructors and other categories of water park personnel.

Igor Sinkevich, chief executive of  «Kva-Kva-Park»

2.  Characteristic injuries and skills of showing first medical aid in a water park.

Gennady Gevorkyan, «Kva-Kva-Park»   

3.  Changing image of a water park and seeking  innovations.

Mehdi Djuvarli «Wiegand.maelzer» Company (Germany)

4.  Holding festive and corporate events in a  water park environment.

Victoria Petrova, «Kva-Kva-Park»

5.  Current tendencies in the sphere of creation and modernization of water parks.

Irina Krasilnikova, «AtiS» Company; Lars Lenders, «Proslide» Company

6.  Novelties of water rides and amusement formats in a water park.

Selim Doguoglu, «Polin Waterparks» Company (Turkey)

7.  Presentation of the project of theme park «Zodiac» (Mogilev, Belarus)

«Diamant» Group of companies (Belarus)

8.  Kiddie Entertainment in a water  park for the youngest children.

Mr. Francisco Pérez Guerrero, General Director,  Aquakita - Water Slides de Mexico S.A. de C.V.(Mexico)





18:30 RAAPA GALA DINNER dedicated to the opening of RAAPA EXPO – 2016. Awarding Ceremony «Golden Pony Moscow - 2016». «Golden Pony Awards-2016» («Restaurant Khizhina»)


March 04, Friday

09:00 - 11:00 (Pavilion 75, hall C)


BUSINESS BREAKFAST: «Amusement business in Russian towns. Experience of launching kiddie amusement park»


During the event experience of launching a family entertainment center “Dinozavriya” in Velsk town (Arkhangelsk region) in 2015, starting with the stage of planning to the full implementation of the project, will be covered.

The FEC owner Sergey Pyatovsky will tell the audience how the idea to start up a kiddie entertainment center in a town with a population of 23 thousand people stroke his mind; why he chose “dinosaur” theme; what questions and problems arose at the stage of designing the FEC; what were the opening of the FEC and the first year of operation like; share the plans for future development of the project.

Designers of “Dinozavriya”, specialists from “Eastern European Company” (Belarus), will hit the highlights of the project design and implementation features.


BUSINESS BREAKFAST – is an interactive format event pursuing the goal to discuss current issues of managing business; its’ participants - companies’ executives and  top managers – have an opportunity to get acquainted and communicate with each other in  a friendly atmosphere while having breakfast and a cup of tea. 


10:00 - 18:00 Exhibition hours


11:00 - 17:00 (room 101)

BUSINESS TRAINING: «Concept of a kiddie playground as the basis of successful functioning of a FEC»


Trainer: Park Management company - a consulting company and an operator of self-owned FECs specialized in concept development, design, start up, management and audit of family entertainment centers. 


Why a kiddie playground is a key unit of FECs and malls? Why do revenues of kiddie playgrounds grow in crisis? How does one choose the most efficient concept and achieve maximum results?  



1.    Description of concepts of kiddie playgrounds.

2.    Examples of inner zoning and equipping of playgrounds.

3.    Analytics of footfall.

4.    Pricing and admission control systems.

5.    Non-retail income of kiddie playgrounds (birthday celebrations, parties etc.).

6.    Workshop as a tool for increasing footfall and guest loyalty.

7.    Marketing of projects (promotion, examples of special deals).



13:00 - 15:00  (room 103)

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS: «Event in a park. Rating of the best events of 2015 park season»


The leading professionals of park and event industry will report at the Roundtable discussion. During the event there will be highlighted topics involving various aspects of holding events in city parks, sharing experience, analyzing in details projects released and estimating further development of the industry. Representatives of different parks will represent the presentations of the best events held in 2015. The final section will include open voting by members of the expert board from the leading experts of the event industry, as well as from all other participants of the roundtable discussions, resulting in choosing the best park event of the season 2015.


17:00 - 18:00 (Pavilion 75, hall A, stage)

JUBILEE PARTY OF THE MAGAZINE: «Attractions and Entertainments»


10 years ago Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions launched a professional magazine «Attractions and Entertainments». During these years the magazine has become a popular source of business information for amusement industry professionals, a guide on the most interesting parks and amusement complexes, a center of analytics of the latest trends of entertainment business development in Russia and in the world, an effective tool for promotion of amusement rides and entertainment equipment novelties on the Russian market.



  • Presentation of the jubilee edition
  • Awarding of partners, congratulations from friends
  • Show program, cocktail party


March 05, Saturday


10:00 - 16:00 Exhibition hours


11:00 - 13:30 (room 101)

SEMINAR: «Legal support for business in the amusement industry»


Changes in legislation in the sphere of municipal parks, as well as small and medium-sized entrepreneurship in 2015-2016


The program of the seminar will cover current legal topics on characteristic features of operation of municipal and privately owned parks of various legal forms, as well as parks owned by private entrepreneurs.



1.    New changes in legislation in the sphere of state procurements.

2.    Legal cooperation between municipal parks and private enterprises.

3.    Contractual arrangements in the light of changes of the Civil Code of Russia.

4.    Legal backgrounds of providing commercial services in parks.

5.    Current legal base on operation of amusement rides.  

6.    Legal regulation and responsibility in the area of planting of greenery in park zones.  Responsibilities for violation of environmental legislation rules.

7.    Legal consultations of participants on pressing issues.


Moderator: Mr. Taras Buryak – lawyer, director of «Vinnovskaya rosha» park (Ulyanovsk city)


15:00 - 16:00 Awarding Golden medals for the best exposition and handing diplomas to the participants of the exhibition. The exhibition closing ceremony.


Note: The event participation fee is obtained at the request.


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