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The 20th Anniversary International exhibition

«Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA  EXPO – 2018»




February 27 -  March 032018.


Organizer: Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA)

General sponsor: «PAX» Group of companies

General Media Partner: Amusement Industry Catalogue, magazine





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 February 27 , Tuesday


10:00 - 18:00, VDNH, pav.75, room 239, HALL «B»


BUSINESS-TRAINING «Marketing calendar of the family entertainment center once and for the whole year»


Moderator: Pavel Timets and Ksenia Biushkina («Indoor amusement parks» company) – professionals in the sphere of design, construction, launch and development of indoor amusement parks and family entertainment centers. 


At the training:


- disclose  the secret of increasing revenue of the events by 30-120%;

- emphasize  how to plan stocksproperly and efficiently;

- calculate the optimal start time of  event preparation;

- analyze how the archive of held events can help in everyday operation and how to log the archive easily;

- detalize how to plan the events in advance, but not at the last moment;

- plan a year round activity calendar, not to have any concerns of it later.


After the training you will receive a ready-made tool (marketing calendar) that you can apply at your enterprise!



Cost of participation at request


10:30 - 16:00, BC «German Center», Moscow


SEMINAR «World trends of catering for amusement parks and family entertainment centers.

New requirements for the work of restaurants and cafes»



Moderator: specialists of the companies Russian TM Project, RATIONAL (Germany), Robot Coupe and Schaerer. The event will be held on the premises of a specialized training center with a  kitchen facility.


The program will include:


  • the most relevant catering concepts in 2018;
  • expected novelties in food and beverages: color food, "nostalgic" dishes and other original and simple ideas;
  • on-line cash registers: what expects business after July 1, 2018 and all details of Federal Law No.54;
  • automation from procurement to buyer;
  • EGAIS 3.0 – all amendments in the alcohol trade and vEGAIS – control on products of animal origin and other issues.


Cost of participation at request



11:00 - 17:00, VDNH, pav.75, room 237, HALL «B»


SEMINAR «The practice of safe operation of kiddie play and sports grounds»


Moderator: «DAR» company, for more than 8 years specializing in the installation and engineering and technical support of kiddie play and sports grounds.


The program will include:


1.    Requirements of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 042/2017 «On the safety of equipment for kiddie playgrounds»

2.    Operation and technical maintenance of playgrounds.

3.    Review of playgrounds manufacturers.

4.    Review of accidents on kiddie playgrounds, prevention of traumatism and responsibility of the operator.

5.    Practical classes at the kiddie playground  of VDNH  and other.




Cost of participation at request


February 28 , Wednesday


10:00 - 18:00VDNH, pav.75, room 239, HALL «B»

AUTHOR`S MASTER-CLASS «The family entertainment center, that is doomed to succes:

actual tools to increase revenue and improve work efficiency»


Moderator: «My team» company, which unites owners, top managers, marketers, art directors and other specialists of  the entertainment business.


Brief program:



  • what does  doomed to success family entertainment center  consist of;
  • operational activity in questions and answers;
  • financial indicators and budgeting;
  • how to build a good team and make it  follow you;
  • an animation team that does not just work, but earns;
  • festivals with no budget and TOP-10  event tools of animation;
  • on-line or fail: trends on business development and other issues.


The master class consists of three blocks,  and each of them includes the analysis of problems familiar to each entrepreneur in the organization of business processes and provides working solutions to overcome them. 


Cost of participation at request


11:00 - 16:00VDNH, pav.75, room 237, HALL «B»


CONFERENCE «Modern amusement park as a multifunctional cultural and entertainment complex»


1. 20 years of amusement industry in Russia: analysis and trends of the future.

A. Prosandeyev, A. Beniaminov, Entens Group, Moscow.


2. How to draw attention to the  amusement park? The ways to attract a new audience.

A.I. Fatkhutdinova, director of «Magic World» park of culture and leisure, Ufa


3. Peculiarities of creation and management of edutainment-parks in Russia.

Pavel Gabdullin, EXPERIENCE TEAM, Moscow.


4. The latest thematic solutions in the design and modernization of amusement parks.

Jan Maarten de Raad, Jora Vision company, the Netherlands.


5. Actual marketing tools in promoting recreation park services.

D.A. Shevchenko, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honorary Member of the Marketers’ Guild.


6. Organizing family leisure within interactive outdoor children playgrounds in city parks.

Lubov Gurarii, expert of “City for Kids” project, Moscow.


7. Clever landscaping: the competent use of woody plants in urban parks.

Alexandra Handrack, «LAPPEN» company, Germany.


8. Quest in the  amusement park - modern technologies of holding  events.

L.G.Rudakova, a specialist of recreation parks management, Arkhangelsk.


9. Mobile applications and other innovative technologies for receiving payment for services and access control for amusement parks.

D.V. Kabanov, commercial director of Bars-IT company. Yekaterinburg.

Cost of participation at request


March 1, Thursday


10:00 – 18:00  Exhibition hours. 


11:00 – «RAAPA EXPO - 2018» Opening Ceremony


13:00 –14:45, VDNH, pav.75, room 237, HALL «B»


ROUND TABLE «New technologies and franchises of amusement industry»


1. New formats of organizing family leisure in the FEC: cinema with recliner seating and family amusement park «Megaland».

 A.V. Odolsky, «Megapolis» group of companies, Chelyabinsk.


2. Virtual reality with full immersion.  

 «Hyperverse» company, Moscow.


3. Phygital-revolution in the amusement world: multimedia parks and amusement rides.

 E. Kovaleva, N. Skibenko, «Hello computer» company, Moscow.


4. «Zamania» -  the most progressive format of kiddie adventure parks.

 Z.Yu. Pomelnikova, Network of activity parks «Zamania».


5. Modern technologies of services automation in amusement parks.

Kirill Myakonkikh, KB EXPERT company, Yekaterinburg


 Free participation

(registration is required)


15:00 - 17:00VDNH, pav.75, room 239, HALL «B»


MASTER-CLASS «An independent assessment of the park of culture and leisure park operation.

100 parameters of succesful work»


Moderator: Alexey Tarasov, a park expert and  expert-consultant in the management of parks of culture and leisure with many years of experience.


  A modern park is a center of emotional impressions, comprising enchanting landscape, safe amusement rides, friendly personnel, joyful events, tasty food, memorable souvenirs and other items. All these components should harmoniously  complement each other.

  The main work aspects of  the modern amusement park will be examined at the master class and the methodology of independent assessment of its work according to  10 blocks will be proposed: landscaping, security, personnel, engineering, marketing, event, trade, finance, the importance of the  amusement park in the city, external factors of influence.

  The gained experience will allow to make (adjust) the well balanced system of the park operation, find tools to solve the existent problems and form an action plan for further development of the amusement park.


Cost of participation at request


18:30 –  RAAPA GALA DINNER, dedicated to the opening of anniversary RAAPA EXPO - 2018.

              Awarding Ceremony «Golden Pony Moscow-2018».


Cost of participation at request


March 2 , Friday


10:00 – 18:00  Exhibition hours.


11:00 – 16:00, VDNH, pav.75, room 238, HALL «B»

SEMINAR «Reboot of the family entertainment center.

Practical solutions and new approaches to business»


Moderator: Lyudmila Kiseleva  - a consultant,  an expert in the management of family  entertainment centers and restaurants  having  20 years of experience in amusement industry.




1. Express test «Does your  family entertainment center need an update»

2. Reboot  of the  family entertainment center – what to start with. Review of modern formats and new products in the entertainment sphere.

3. Transformation of  family entertainment center services  according to customer requests.

4. Re-concept  algorithm  for the family entertainment center. Examples from practice.

5. Modern marketing of the  FEC. Practical tools  for applying them to the operational process. 


Cost of participation at request



13:30 – 16:30, VDNH, pav.75, room 237, HALL «B»


SEMINAR « New requirements for ensuring safety of rides and inflatable play equipment.»


The program will include:


1. Introduction into operation of theCustoms Union Technical Regulations «On the safety of amusement rides».

 L.А. Bondar, deputy director of  International Scientific-educational Center of Technical Regulation, Standardization and Metrology


2. Procedures on mandatory confirmation of compliance under ТР ЕАЭС 038/2016 “On safety of amusement rides”

 V.V. Prihodko, head  of Center of tests, expertise and certification “Safety”, St. Petersburg


3. Particularities of confirming (declaring) conformity of inflatable play equipment  to   the requirements of  national standards.

 V.A.Dyachenko, an expert on conformity confirmation of amusement rides and entertainment devices, standard maker of  GOST R 53487-2009, 55515-2013, 56426-2015 и56988-2016


Cost of participation at request



13:00 – 16:00, VDNH, pav.75, room 239, HALL «B»

CONFERENCE «Topical technologies for increasing the efficiency of water parks»


1. The role of the Chief Engineer in the work of the water park.

 Yu.E. Guskov, «KVA-KVA PARK» Chief Engineer, Moscow


2. Marketing activity of a modern water park.

 D.S. Krutikov, General Director of «Peterland»  water park, St. Petersburg


3. IT-solutions in the management sphere of water-sports facilities. ISD-Aquapark payment-access system.

 A.A. Kulik, General Director of ISD company, Moscow


4. Water Park, as a modern wellness complex with infrastructure facilities.

 Irina Kirillova, Project Manager of «Sibintel-Development» LLC, Tyumen


5. Peculiarities of  the public catering organization (F&B)  in indoor water parks (on the example of the work of  «Aquario», Omsk)   

  A.V. Orkish, head of F & B department of «StroypodryadGroup of Companies, Omsk


6. Ensuring safety on water. Drowning detection system.

 V.M.Glavan, V.A. Sherstnev, «Security systems on water» LLC,  Moscow


7. Modern technologies for reducing operational costs of  water park.

 Selim Doguoglu, «Polin  Waterparks», Turkey


8. Build a resort in your city. Quick return on solid investment.    


Yu. F. Bychkov, Owner of Health and Recreation Centers’ Network «Votkinskie Termy» (Udmurtia Republic)


Cost of participation at request



17:00 –18:00, VDNH, pav.75, stage –  ANNIVERSARY RECEPTION «20 years of RAAPA EXPO»


The program will include:


  • How did  RAAPA EXPO  appear. 
  • Awarding of permanent exhibitors of the show.
  • Show program. Reception. 

Free participation


March 3 , Saturday


10:00 16:00  Exhibition hours.


10:30 - 11:30, VDNH, pav.75, room 237, HALL «B»





«Tools for supporting Russian exporting enterprises by «RUSSIAN EXPORT CENTER»


Moderator: "Russian Export Center" JSC is a specialized state organization that provides integrated targeted support to export-oriented companies  leading foreign economic activities.


The event is aimed at Russian enterprises wishing to work in the international market.


11:00 - 14:00, VDNH, pav.75, room 239, HALL «B»


BUSINESS-TRAINING «Financial security: increasing revenues by reducing abuse»



Moderator: Pavel Timets and Ksenia Biushkina («Indoor amusement parks» company)–professionals in the sphere of design, construction, launch and development of indoor amusement parks and family entertainment centers.


The program will include:


  • What are company losses because of personnel’s or guests’ fraud?
  • Examples of embezzlement in logging stocks and procurement activity and at sales points. Methodsofits prevention.
  • Blind cash-collection as a method of improving safety control of the FEC financial activity.
  • Dead souls: do not compensate personnel’s  false working time claims.


Cost of participation at request


15:00  16:00 – Awarding Gold medals for the best exposition and diplomas to exhibitors. The exhibition closing ceremony. 


Download the program 



Organizing Committee:

Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA)

Теl/Fаx: +7 (495) 234-52-04, 234-52-42, 234-52-13


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