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The 9th Moscow International Exhibition
«Amusement rides and entertainment equipment

RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2015»

19 - 21 October, 2015

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Organizer: Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA)

General sponsor: «PAX» Group of Companies


October 18, Sunday


10:00 - 18:00 OFFSITE PRACTICE SEMINAR: Efficient business models of family entertainment centres». What changes should be made and how they should be implemented in your family entertainment centre to ensure its successful operation for 10+ years. Solutions for acting and newly open family entertainment centres!


At the seminar participants will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the operation of three family entertainment centres of various formats and sizes. The main feature of the seminar is that it will be held on Sunday – on a high sales day! You will personally observe how the guest service is organized, and how children's parties and birthdays are held! You will see the work of entertainment business in real-time!


Moderator: Ms. Ludmila Kiseleva  consultant, expert of FEC and restaurant management with 20 years experience of work in amusement industry.  


Participation fee is available on request


October 19, Monday


10:00 – 18:00  Exhibition hours. Demonstration of amusement rides and entertainment equipment.


11:00 – RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2015 opening ceremony.


14:00 - 16:00 – Round table «Creating New Year’s atmosphere in amusement parks and entertainment centers. Theming. Innovative and traditional ways of decorating amusement parks and indoor family entertainment centers.


  • Creating emotions with décor: LED installations, types of constructions, characteristics of operation, technical peculiarities etc.;

  • Kiddie and family New Year attractions. Characteristics of operation during winter season;

  • Modern dimensional New Year foam plastic constructions and decorations;

  • New Year decoration for outdoor and indoor amusement destinations; inflatable and stuffed PVC constructions;

  • Ice decorations for celebrations and events;

  • Advantages of using inflatable decorations for family entertainment centers, parks and city spaces.

Free participation

Registration is required


18:30 – RAAPA GALA DINNER dedicated to the opening of RAAPA EXPO Autumn-2015.


Participation fee is available on request


October 20, Tuesday


10:00 – 18:00  Exhibition hours. Demonstration of amusement rides and entertainment equipment.


10:00 - 15:00 – SEMINAR «The latest technologies for organizing food and beverage service in amusement parks and outdoors».


  1. The basics of organizing F&B service outdoors. Problems of high quality F&B service in amusement parks. Sanitary regulations and norms (SanPIN); real-world examples; licenses/ connections/trade etc.
  2. Innovations in technological equipment for organizing food and beverage enterprises in amusement parks and outdoors. Equipment enabling to reduce spending on venue floor space and power consumption, number of personnel, cut cooking time and duly increase restaurants’ revenue.
  3. Food truck – - what it is and what do you do with it. A ready-made business at a reasonable price. Food truck is mobile cafe van, which can be placed where you want it. What permits are required for business and trade start up; what you need to know about the proper set up of a food truck; profitable menu options; errors that could and should be avoided.

  4. Technology of footfall control and management of guests spending in an amusement park. IT- solution for monitoring movements of the customers and controlling cash flow. Wristbands and personal cards.
  5. Menu to offer to visitors of an amusement park. Technological secrets of cooking tasty and profitable dishes. Right choice of food ingredients = right menu, low prime cost = high profit.

Moderators: specialist of «RATIONAL» company (Germany), «Russian Project ТМ» (Russia) and others.


The seminar will be held on the premises of a specialized training center with a functioning kitchen.

Participation fee is available on request


13:00 - 17:00 – WORKSHOP «Effective marketing – practical tools of increasing revenues of family entertainment centers»


Joint workshop of specialists of amusement park «City – park «Grad» (Voronezh) and «Entens Group» company based on positive results of 2015 season activity.

Unit 1. Quick look into current marketing activity of a family entertainment center.

  • 10 questions explaining FEC marketing situation;
  • Outline of priority marketing goals for your FEC.


Unit 2. Studying guests.

  • What should we know of our guests;
  • ABC and RFM-analysis of guests’ database; ranking guests; efficient work with the guests’ database;
  • Case studies on collecting and analyzing guests’ background information.


Unit 3. Secrects of effectiveness of bonus programs.

  • Discounts? Bonuses? Coupon websites? How not to make a mistake. Why a discount «murders» your FEC. How to get rid of discounts’ «oppression» and start granting bonuses!
  • Building a bonus system. Practical examples and accomplishments.


Unit 4. Price formation and promotional discounts.

  • What does correct sale price work for? How to make a package and a special deal?
  • Situational and regular promotional discounts – methods of application.


Unit 5. Effective event-маркетинг: making events commercially effective

  • The face of a FEC – why to make a brand out of yourself?
  • Organizing events in a family entertainment center: is it PR or commerce;
  • Tell me what partner you keep, and I will tell you if it’s worth going to your FEC.


Unit 6. Cross-marketing in a family entertainment center

  • Practice of effective sale of birthday celebrations;
  • Organization of collective visits and corporate events;
  • Partnership programs on сross-marketing.


Participation fee is available on request


October 21, Wednesday


10:00 16:00  Exhibition hours. Demonstration of amusement rides and entertainment equipment.

15:00 - 16:00 Handing diplomas to participants of the exhibition. Closing ceremony.




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