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Entertainment industry in regions of Russia. RESULTS



Summer meeting of amusement industry specialists

«Entertainment industry in regions of Russia»


Voronezh, July 26-27, 2012



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Summer meeting of amusement industry specialists “Entertainment industry in regions of Russia” was held in July 26-27, 2012 in Voronezh. In the Summer meeting participated over 70 directors and specialists of parks, entertainment centers, cultural and leisure facilities, representatives of cities’ and regions’ administrations, manufacturers and suppliers of entertainment equipment, representatives of central and regional mass media and other parties of concern from over 30 cities of Russia, Kazakhstan and Italy (such as Alekseevka, Atyrau (Kazakhstan), Belgorod, Borovsk, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kaluga, Klin, Kuznetsk, Kumertau, Lipetsk, Liski, Yeisk, Moscow, Naberezhnye Chelny, Orekhovo-Zuyevo, Orsk, Penza, Perm, Rostov-on-Don, Ryazan, Rudny (Kazakhstan), Saint-Petersburg, Smolensk, Saransk, Syzran, Tula, Trekhgorny, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, etc.).


The Summer meeting was organized by Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA) and supported by Administration of Voronezh and Government of Voronezh region.


The unconventional format of the event was primarily aimed at the opportunity to see the successful amusement facilities in operation in high season, get acquainted and communicate with the counterparts from other regions, share their experiences, ask questions to amusement industry professionals.


Voronezh was chosen as the Venue of the Summer meeting on purpose, the example of this wonderful city shows that parks could become a city brand, a unique landmark of the region and even a piece of art.



The opening of RAAPA Summer meeting took place at the most advanced business center of Voronezh “Stolitsa” on July 26. A representative of Voronezh Administration - the Head of Municipal government enterprise “Ecocenter” I.A. Timoshenko spoke at the opening; he presented the results of work on the revival and development of urban parks and recreation areas of Voronezh, shared his plans for the future and answered numerous questions from participants.



The same day participants visited 3 parks, each of them was of great interest for the specialists. The directors of parks “Orlyonok” and “Tanais” described the organization of attractions sites, forms of cooperation with the city Administration, etc.


The evening program was continued in a unique park of Voronezh – “Scarlet sails” which can without fear be called a real piece of landscape artwork. The participants visited and viewed the park with great pleasure, asked questions to the park management. Right there in the park – on a perfectly equipped amphitheatre surrounded by centuries-old pines, interesting practice sessions on the subject “Increase of park profitability by means of holding festivals and special events” were organized. The session was conducted by Alexey Tarasov, Director of “Nizhny Park” and “Verkhny Park” (Lipetsk) and his team. All participants of the Summer meeting took part in that funny and cognitive activity, afterwards the communication continued in a theme café “Grin” of the “Scarlet sails” park.


The second day of the Summer meeting was devoted to visiting indoor parks and entertainment centers. The first on the route was family entertainment center “Tvoy Park”, where the participants could see how interesting leisure for the whole family could be organized on a relatively small area. There were held presentations from manufacturers and suppliers of amusement rides, entertainment equipment and amusement industry services. Presentations and videos by14 manufacturers from Russia and Italy were shown. Manufactures, that were unable to come to the event, were provided with a unique service by the Organizer – indirect company presentation. Video presentations were shown on the most advanced large LED screen. Many speakers noted the high quality and exceptional vividness of the presentations.


The second part of the day the participants of the Summer meeting spent at a trade entertainment center “City Park “Grad” and visited several unique entertainment sites. The first of them was the biggest in Russia indoor amusement park. Specialist asked the management questions about the efficiency of this and that amusement ride, moreover, they were able to experience the incredible attractions. All participants were also interested in a Kiddie center situated on the territory of “Grad”, where they could see how to organize a funny, effective and safe leisure for the youngest. Everyone was highly impressed by a visit to a modern Oceanarium with 180 species of fish and 55 species of mammals. A smile and good humor did not leave the participants all the time during the tour that climaxed with a feeding sharks show which impressed absolutely everyone. At the end of the basic program the participants of the Summer meeting of amusement industry specialists were awarded with commemorative diplomas and a buffet party in a stylish lounge area of the City Park “Grad”.



A tour to the natural historical and archeological reserve museum “Divnogorie” was organized on the next day for persons interested. Everybody was astonished by the beauty of that unique place: starting from a cave-temple of the 8th century to the unforgettable panoramic view of the river Don.


According to the majority of Summer meeting participants the event exceeded all expectations and was of great significance for amusement industry specialists in high season. Everybody valued the high-class organization of the event, relevance of the program, unusual format and high quality service. Amusement industry specialists noted that holding such forums in regions on such a high level contributes to the development and promotion of entertainment industry in Russia, besides, it is a unique opportunity to meet and talk to colleagues from different parts of our vast country.


Welcome to participate in the next RAAPA Summer Forum!




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