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The 12th Moscow International Exhibition

«Amusement rides and entertainment equipment RAAPA EXPO Autumn- 2018»

October 3-5, 2018 




October 1-5, 2018


Organizer: Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA)

General sponsor: «PAX» Group of companies

General Media Partner: Amusement Industry Catalogue, magazine



 October 1, Monday


10:00 - 18:00, Moscow


Interactive business training (business game)

"Systemic approach to managing the amusement park personnel"



Round 1: "The retinue makes a king" - an integrated approach to the formation of the Park Team:


· What Team does the Park need in view of the goals and interests of the business?

· Creation of clear standards of the personnel’s work;

· The technology of the formation of the Team, which will work stably;

· The role of the line manager in the adaptation and training of beginners;

· Case studies on the formation of team building skills in the Park.


Round 2: "Process approach" to the management of the Amusement Park:


· We change the situational management of the Park to a systemic approach;

· Workshop on client service management in the Park;

· Case studies on conflict situations management in the Park;

· Case studies on the formation of a systemic approach to the management of the quality of services in the Park.


Round 3: "Tale of lost time" or time management:


· The main absorbers of time and ways to "tame" them;

· 5+  of systemic time management tools;

· Case studies on  working off skills of competent time management.


Round 4: "The work is afraid of the Master" - personnel management tools:


· We choose the management style of Park staff;

· Tools for evaluating, monitoring and motivating  of the line staff;

· Case studies on the development of managerial skills of the head of the Park.


Moderator: Marina Niklaus - head of the HR center "HR-Expert", an expert in the field of personnel management in amusement and hospitality industry, HoReCa, business coach. She has extensive experience as a director of personnel for large amusement  parks, network family  entertainment centers, 4 * hotels, resort hotels and other companies.



Cost of participation at request


October 2, Tuesday


10:30 - 13:00, Moscow 


Business training "PR and COUNTER-PR in amusement industry"


At the training you will learn: how to attract and monetize the attention of visitors to the  amusement park; how to make the whole city  fall in love with your amusement  park; how to deal with negative responses in the media, social networks and books of complaints. The participants of the training will receive an exclusive development - a system of combined manipulation of the visitor’s scenario behavior in the amusement  park "APP".




Part 1: Tools for working with public opinion (info-occasions, entertainment events, marketing campaigns, own media, social networks, press conferences, press tours, media events, championships among journalists)


Part 2: Methods of combating "consumer extremists" (the rule of "three NOs", "compulsion to peace", "do not feed trolls", "park lawyers", competitive media, court of honor and dignity, etc.)


Moderator: Alexey Tarasov, a park expert, expert consultant in the management of parks with many years of experience.


Cost of participation at request

14:00 - 16:30


Seminar "Legal regulation of the indoor amusement parks’ activity. Legal protection of entertainment business in the light of current problems"


1. Acquisition of equipment in accordance with the current technical regulations "On the Safety of Amusement rides" and fire standards presented while  verification.

2. The relationship of the kiddie amusement  park and visitors injured  on the amusement  park territory.

3. The problem of exploitation of kiddie indoor parks  situated above the third floor in accordance with applicable law.

4. Practice of inspections of safety rules by supervising institutions in amusement  parks.

5. Peculiarities of visitors with disabilities access in amusement  parks.


Moderator: Taras Buryak  - a lawyer, a  head of the certification agency for amusement rides  and testing laboratory of “Promservice” Ltd, managing partner of the “LAW AMUSEMENT” law company.



Cost of participation at request


October 3, Wednesday


Moscow, VDNH, pav.75, Hall «В»  


10:00 – 18:00  Exhibition hours. Amusement  rides and entertainment equipment demonstration.


11:00 – Official opening of the exhibition «RAAPA EXPO AUTUMN-2018»


14:00 –16:00, room 239


Conference "We create leisure for visitors of the new generation: the most actual offers of RAAPA  EXPO Autumn-2018"


Within the framework of the conference, the companies participating in the RAAPPA EXPO Autumn-2018 exhibition will present new developments and formats for organizing leisure activities in amusement parks and family  entertainment centers, taking into account the needs of modern visitors. Be the first ones who will learn about what will be interesting "tomorrow". A detailed program of the conference will be published later.


Participation is free of charge

(by preliminary registration)




18:30 – Gala Dinner devoted to the opening of the exhibition «RAAPA EXPO


Cost: 80 Euro


October 4, Thursday


Moscow, VDNH, pav.75, Hall «В»  


10:00 – 18:00  Exhibition hours. Amusement  rides and entertainment  equipment demonstration.

11:00 – 14:00, room 239


Master-class "Launching of FECs from scratch, or how to establish and operate an indoor amusement park in modern conditions"


(The experience of the leading operator in the "Madagaskariya Country " FEC network)




1. From finding a place to opening a family entertainment center.

2. Setting daily (operating) work of the FEC.

3. The main factors affecting the revenue of the FEC.

4. The specifics of the amusement parks network management .

5. The support team  - the  role of the central office work.


Moderator: Las-Vegas Company / "Madagaskariya Country "  kiddie centers’ network- one of the largest operators of kiddie entertainment in Russia (29 sites).

Speakers: Eugeny Serebrenikov - founder and owner of the company; Dmitry Chursanov - General Director; Mikhail Tarasov - Technical Director.



Cost of participation at request


15:00 – 17:00, room 239 



"Rating of the best events in amusement parks of the season of 2018"


During the event, the managers and specialists of the culture and recreation parks will make the presentations of the best events held in 2018. According to the results of the presentations, by open voting, in  which members of the expert council from among the leading amusement industry  experts, as well as all participants of the round table will take part, the best event  in the amusement park of the 2018 season will be chosen. The main prize is a report in the magazine "Attractions and Entertainments".

Participation is free of charge

(by preliminary registration)


October 5, Friday


Moscow, VDNH, pav.75, Hall «В»  


10:00 16:00  Exhibition hours. Amusement  rides and entertainment equipment demonstration. 

15:00  16:00 – Handing diplomas to participants of the exhibition. Closing ceremony.




Organizing Committee:

Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA)

Теl/Fаx: +7 (495) 234-52-04, 234-52-42, 234-52-13


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