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Vend ASEAN, ASEAN (Bangkok)Vending Machine & Self-service Facilities Expo 2019 - 24.05.2019


     Thailand - The most Dynamic and Potential Retail Market in Southeast Asia   Thailand is one of the fastest-growing retail industries in …

Japan’s Largest* Event and Amusement Show Ended in Great Success! - 26.04.2019


6th Events & Amusement Expo TOKYO, Japan’s largest* trade show for the event and amusement industry, took place on Feb. 27th …

Welcome to China Expo-Asia Amusement & Attractions Expo 2019 - 17.04.2019


We would like to invite you to attend AAA expo as a visitor! Besides 600+ Chinese manufacturers, we also had …

RAAPA SUMMER FORUM travels to Samara on July 17-19! - 15.04.2019


The venue for the 8th International summer forum of amusement industry specialists has been defined. This year the trending RAAPA …

The first round of GTI Taipei & Online Games Expo 2019 - 18.01.2019


  The GTI Taipei Expo, which will be held on April 25th to 27th, Area A of Taipei World Trade Center, …

2018 G&A Post show report - 21.12.2018


  G&A was first held in 2008 along with Zhongshan’s budding game & amusement industry. After 10 years, as Zhongshan has …

EAG International & VAE to Stage Largest Ever Seminar & Educational Programme - 19.12.2018


The 10th Anniversary EAG International & VAE will take place on Jan15th-17th 2019 . Showgoers will be rewarded with first-sight …

Entertainment in shopping malls is growing rapidly - 19.12.2018


1.2mln sq. m. of retail area to be launched in Russia in 2019.   Compared to 2018, the total number of new …

Largest in Europe VR Park Opened in Moscow - 21.11.2018


Nearly $700.000 spent on opening ARena Park in Moscow, the largest VR Amusement Park in Europe. Visitors can explore 9 key …

Skate&Roll - 19.11.2018


New skatepark in Izhevsk has finally appeared thanks to the accidental meeting of an experienced local roller with the Head of …


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enlightenedThe 13th Moscow International exhibition «Amusement Rides and Entertainment Equipment RAAPA Expo Autumn – 2019», October 2-4, 2019, Moscow, VDNH, pavilion 75 >>>