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«Tomsky Castle» Playground for Physically Challenged Children - 03.06.2014


A new unique fairy-tale playground filled with all kinds of swings, exercising systems, sand pits and a summerhouse for practicing …

How to Build up an Efficient FEC - 02.06.2014


According to Russian consultancy and research agencies, amusement arcades still stay key way to attract visitors for FECs, as when …

DreamWorks Park to be Built in Moscow - 27.05.2014


The project of DreamWorks Park in Moscow was announced during the official presentation in 2013 and now the Moscow authorities …

One of the Biggest FECs in Russia “Sochi-Park” will be Festively Open for Visitors at the Children’s Day - 26.05.2014


Based on the idea of historic and cultural heritage of Russia, with over 10 000 visitors per day, “Sochi-Park” plans to …

Kazan Parks under Reconstruction - 15.05.2014


The Mayor of Kazan city, Tatarstan Republic, Russia, Ilsur Metshin, announced global reconstruction and improvement of the city parks. “The …

Amusement Park and Dolphinarium to be built in Grozny - 14.05.2014


According to the Head of Chechen Republic of Russia, Ramzan Kadirov, 300 ha “Grozny Sea” tourist center has started up …

The Biggest Aquarium in Europe to be built in Moscow - 07.05.2014


2 ha square on VVTs area, Moscow, free of historic pavilions and monuments of architecture, are given for establishing one …

The Most Remarkable Amusement Rides of the World - 06.05.2014


The first amusement rides appeared in Europe and were very simple, but as the time went the attractions were becoming …

Russia Holds the 1st Place in New Family Entertainment Centers Construction - 22.04.2014


According to the research held by one of the biggest analytic companies, in 2014-2015 14.1 mln sq.m of entertainment centers …

Opening of the Summer Season in Moscow Parks - 21.04.2014


ITAR-TASS held the conference on opening of the summer season in Moscow parks. Starting from May, 1 all summer cafes and …


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