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Delegation of RAAPA visiting AAE, Shanghai

 On June 14-16, 2016  in Shanghai Asian Attractions Expo 2016, the biggest exhibition of amusement rides and entertainment equipment in Asian region, took place. The Delegation of Russian association of amusement parks and attractions including representatives of family entertainment center City-park Grad (Voronezh city) visited the exhibition, got acquainted with the novelties of the amusement industry, held negotiations with the leaders of the market and visited the opening of the new Disneyland.
 About 350 companies manufacturing entertainment equipment, suppliers of amusement rides, as well as representatives of foreign companies exhibited at the exhibition. According to preliminary statistics, the exhibition was visited by over 11000 people from 65 countries, including more than 8000 professional buyers. 
 Among the demonstrated novelties 5D simulators and diverse interactive play equipment stay the most popular among visitors. It is worth noticing that the companies providing theme and design services for amusement destinations as well as new major rides were widely represented at the exhibition.
 Delegation of RAAPA conducted successful work among participants of the exhibition in order to attract key players of the amusement market to RAAPA EXPOs.  We were happy to get confirmations on participating in coming exhibitions of RAAPA from the new participants, the leading manufacturers and suppliers of play and entertainment equipment and services, as well as from our permanent exhibitors.
 RAAPA delegation attending AAE-2016  show in Shanghai visited newly open Disneyland straight next day after the park’s inauguration,  on June 17,  2017.  
We were happy to be in the middle of  such a sensational event for China as opening days of Disneyland in Shanghai.
 Shanghai Disneyland is the most innovative and advanced among all other six parks of Disney in the world.  The number of guests was exceeding on the day of our visit  all expectations and the lines to the rides seemed to be endless, but it did not diminish the impression of our visit, more of it we were happy to try new roller coasters, simulators, mazes and other rides and attractions. RAAPA delegation has tried all most exciting rides and attractions and had long discussions on theming, presentation, whole atmosphere, ideas that could be implemented in Russian amusement parks afterwards. For RAAPA group in addition to enjoyment the visit was of a huge professional interest.
The day was crowned by breathtaking firework show accompanied by famous musical pieces from Disney cartoons and made the day complete. RAAPA delegation was leaving the park at the end of the day full of emotions, growing in mind new ideas for implementation at homeland and thanking Disneyland Shanghai for the most fantastic day, for whimsical fairy-tale atmosphere, for everlasting memories!
 Looking forward to meeting you at RAAPA EXPO Autumn 2016 and RAAPA EXPO 2017


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