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Russians are voting for activity parks with their wallets

11 large activity parks opened in Russia in 2017, three of them located in Saint Petersburg on the total area of over 6000 sq.m., others emerged in Ishimbay (Bashkortostan), Kemerovo (Ural region), Izhevsk (Udmurtia), Yeisk (Krasnodar region), and Berezniki (Perm region). Few more are being set up in Barnaul (Altay region), Severodvinsk, and Grozny (Chechnya).


As reported by Colliers International, activity parks have become one of the dominating entertainment formats in shopping malls, outcompeting bowling and prize machines.



– Activity park is a relatively new format for Russia, with Angry Birds Activity Park (opened in Saint Petersburg in 2015) being one of its most known representatives. – shared his opinion Alexey Zykov, Director General of ‘Tsars of Sparta’, manufacturer of trampolines, climbing walls, and ropes courses. 


— First time I saw designs of Ninja parks at the Euro Attractions Show in Barcelona in 2016. Knowing that all the foreign trends come to Russia sooner or later, we decided not to wait and created our own project starting with up to 100 sq.m. playgrounds for kids and teenagers. The obstacles were reasonably simple but at the same time complicated to certain extent: running steps, rolling log, floating steps and vertical platforms, monkey bars, and climbing wall. By now, we already have such parks in Saint Petersburg, Surgut, Yoshkar-Ola, Berezniki, and Yeisk.



Activity parks are featuring a combination of play equipment (labyrinths, carrousels, soft modules) with sports & active leisure equipment (climbing walls, ropes courses, trampolines, and obstacle courses). 



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