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Themed amusement park to be created in Voronezh

Riki Group, leading animation media holding in Russia and the brand-owner of the animated television series Smeshariki (known internationally as KikOriki in Europe and GoGoRiki in the USA) have signed a long-term Relationship Agreement with Hamina Group of companies, the largest group of enterprises in Voronezh.



The multi-faceted partnership will start with creating a Smeshariki themed amusement park in Voronezh. The park will fully reconstruct so well-known and beloved world of Camomile Valley, with attractions having a special place in it, and will become a part of the Grad City-park, the Federal tourist center of culture, leisure, entertainment, sports, and trade.



- Smeshariki is not just a TV series, it is the whole world with its unique concept. Next year they will celebrate 15th Anniversary! – highlighted Ilya Popov, General Producer at Riki Group and co-author of Smeshariki concept. - We’ve been in a long search of the partner and the site to transfer our media project to the real ground. It is nice that we found it in Voronezh. I’m sure this will be a long-term and large project.



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