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VR&AR Fair 2017 Gets off to a Successful Start


VR&AR Fair 2017 Gets off to a Successful Start


VR&AR technology fulfills people’s dream of achieving the impossible by introducing them to a virtual world. At present, the influence of VR&AR has permeated fields like tourism, shopping, medicine, education, culture, entertainment, design, real estate, industry, military, national defense and etc. As the number of VR & AR applications increases, the development of VR&AR technology is going to gain stronger momentum.


Against this background, The 1st Asia VR&AR Fair & Summit (VR&AR Fair 2017) was held on March 8th-11th under the great support of Guangdong Internet Culture Association, Guangdong New Media Association, Guangdong Guangdian Internet Co., Ltd in Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, China. For an exhibition held for the first time, VR & AR Fair 2017 achieved a great success far beyond anybody’s expectation.



VR&AR Fair 2017 Covered an exhibition area of more than 20,000 square meters. It attracted over 100 exhibitors such as Guangzhou Quanyinghui Virtual Reality Technology Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Hirain Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Leke VR Co., Ltd., Beijing Shenlinqijing Culture Inc., Foldspace Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou NineD Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing TPcast Technologies Co., Ltd., GuangZhou Huan Tek Co.,Ltd., Guangzhou Xiechuang Entertainment Equipment Co., Ltd, EFERCRO and other famous VR brands to display their latest products and technologies including VR helmet accessories, VR all-in-one machine, interactive multimedia products, immersive games and devices, immersive digital cinemas, virtual walk-through products, auto stereoscopic (glasses-free), 3D-9D cinema devices, multi-touch devices, AR equipment, AR game, environment modeling technology, realistic sensor (real-time) rendering technology, etc. What’s more, VR&AR Fair 2017 gathered thousands of international buyers from more than 50 countries, such as Australia, Malaysia, India, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan, Iran, Spain, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Thailand and so forth.


Pleased by the product performance of on-site exhibits, buyers at home and abroad placed hundreds of orders. As a way of celebrating their harvests at the show, many exhibitors posted the photos of them and their clients with a signed contract on social media. For example, the trade volume of Shenlinqijing during these 4 days added up to millions of RMB. Intrigued by the latest products of Baishun, a lot of buyers visited the factory of Baishun as soon as the show ended. And the quality products of Leke VR won the acclaim of numerous buyers and helped Leke VR gain orders one after another. 




In order to follow the policy of combining education with high technology, VR&AR Fair 2017 set up an exhibition area dedicated to VR education. VR education companies shows their latest products on the spot such as: HEIVR, Xiamen Rant Technology Co.,Ltd., Guangzhou Time Technology Network Ltd., QRR, BEI JING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, VRFLY, Longtuedu, Shenzhen yipinhongMedia Technology Co.,Ltd, Guangzhou Mengtu Information Technology Co.,Ltd and etc.



Asia VR&AR Industry Development Conference


The concurrent activity Asia VR&AR Industry Development Conference was another important element contributed to the great success of VR&AR Fair 2017.Experts from home and abroad introduced the latest technologies and achievement in the current VR&AR industry. Their speech covers the area of VR education, VR entertainment, VR real estate, VR film, VR 360, VR tourism, VR operation, and VR application in industry. 


Mr. Kevin Williams, the CEO and Founder of DNA and KWP(UK) talked about the progress of VR entertainment and give suggestions for innovation of VR entertainment. Mr. Salar Shahna, the CEO of World VR forum introduces the situation of Swiss VR industry. And Doctor Wen from Tsinghua University presented the problems that the whole VR industry was facing. Speakers showed their brilliant thought of this industry, and audience said they benefited a lot from this great event! By gathering these elites, the organizing committee of VR&AR Fair 2017 is making effort to promote the development of VR&AR industry.



To a large extent, the unexpected great success of VR&AR Fair 2017 could be attributed to the influence of its concurrent events, which were AAA 2017 (Asia Amusement & Attraction Expo 2017), the No.1 amusement and attraction expo in Asia and China Guangzhou International Leisure & Recreation Expo 2017, one of the most comprehensive recreational expo in China. With over 10 years’ accumulation of entertainment industry resources, these 2 expos have helped VR&AR Fair 2017 secure a high attendance of visitors and exhibitors. 


Based on the successful experience and unexpected effect of VR&AR Fair 2017, the next session ofVR&AR Fairmust be an highly anticipated event, which will be held on May 12-14, 2017, in Wuhan China.You are welcome to pay attention to VR&AR Fairon the official website you can contact Aileen Chen from the organizing committee though email vrar2017@yeah.netor telephone number +86 20 29806525. Please no dot miss the business opportunities in VR&AR Fair!


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