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Aquario Indoor Waterpark Opens in Omsk, Russia

Aquario Indoor Aquapark, the largest of its kind in the Urals region opened its doors on April 10th, 2015 


In a region bordered by Siberia, you definitely don't expect to discover a jungle lush with palm trees and rose-covered trellises. But within the warm, soothing climate of the Aquario Indoor Aquapark in Omsk, Russia, guests are transported to a different world.


The largest waterpark in the Urals

Guests of the Aquario Aquapark lined up early to be among the first to enjoy the 8,000+ square meters (86,111 square feet) of indoor waterpark. The main attractions for thrill-seekers are the facility's seven waterslides, though families were eager to share the amusements of five toddler-sized attractions with their children.


Entering the facility, guests are greeted by the sight of rolling crests of water in the wave pool. Next to it, a larger family pool straddles a spa of soothing bubbles. The zero-entry wave pool is the perfect playground for both little ones and adults. But the attractions that soon catch your eye are the looping slides along one side of the park that swoop from high overhead into pools of splashing water below.   


A bevy of waterslides

The most daring guests of Aquario can look to the thrills of a variety of high-speed waterslides designed and installed by Polin Waterparks to get their hearts pumping. The rides, while obviously exciting, offer a number of benefits that guests may immediately recognize for their superior experience. That's because the slides at Aquario are manufactured using resin transfer molding (RTM) composites technology. Polin was the pioneer in developing the advancement and application of this process in waterslide manufacturing. These components not only are more attractive, but they are also stronger and lighter than comparable products due to their uniform thickness and smooth edges. Those aspects also make the slide components easier to install.


RTM is used to create all of the waterslides at Aquario. The slides featured at Aquario are: 

  1. The Looping Rocket. This high-adrenaline ride offers one of the tallest drops guests can experience in an indoor waterpark. 
  2. The Multisurf. On this fast and freewheeling mat-racing slide, guests compete on a head-first path of two to six lanes. 
  3. The Freefall.This slide combines one of the most exciting drops guests can experience without the dangers of an out-of-control descent. It is an exhilarating mix of excitement, adrenaline and entertainment. 
  4. The Wave Slide. Polin's new uphill ride is a high-speed experience that leaves guests squealing with fun. Engineered for maximum safety, the attraction delivers the highest level of ride performance. Similar to Polin's Tsunami Slide, the Wave Slide is more suitable for narrower spaces.
  5. The Body Slide. This versatile open slide ensures a safe, smooth ride that is ideal for big or small, outdoor or indoor facilities. No mats are required, and the wide variety of design options and slide paths create varying speed levels generated by a mix of drops and straightaways. The slide can be manufactured in either translucent or opaque options.
  6. The Space Hole. This new and exciting slide is engineered to create ultimate excitement and is one of the largest slides available for speed riding. Guests experience three levels of excitement in one attraction. The first experience is travel through an enclosed tube that then exits into a huge, open bowl where centrifugal force whirls guests around the insides of the bowl; the finale of the ride is a breathtaking splash into the "hole." Facilities looking to set themselves apart from the competition can request a cover over the bowl to create a version known as Aladdin's Lamp.
  7. The Compact Slide. Recognized as an engineering marvel, this slides compressed design was created by Polin's engineering team to feature special angles and radius components that allow it to fit into even the smallest of pool spaces.      

Appealing to the family

While many guests visit Aquario looking for thrills, families flock to the facility due to its many offerings specifically suited for younger children and toddlers. The most obvious of these is Polin's colorful jungle-themed waterplay structure adorned with parrots and palm trees. The modular structure can be suited to a variety of themes and colors and includes interactive features that will occupy little ones for hours. Facilities can choose from the options that best meet their guests' interests, from tipping buckets, slides and net climbs to water cannons. Benefits of such offerings have been proven by research studies to provide children with the most advantageous learning opportunities by allowing them to actively explore in an environment that is fun and appeals to their natural curiosity and desire to learn.


Other child-focused offerings include a Rabbit Slide, a Mini Rainbow for kids younger than 10, a Mushroom Fountain (in two sizes with either an epoxy-coated or stainless steel "stem"), a Dolphin Fountain (which can be transformed into a shower) and an Elephant Fountain that sprays water from its trunk (in two sizes and in either a realistic or cartoon-themed design).


Selim Doguoglu, the General Manager of Polin's Russian office, oversaw the Aquario project and had the honor of attending the opening ceremony on April 10th. Having seen a variety of facilities similar to Aquario be constructed over the years, Doguoglu said that he knew immediately how popular the park would become among the city's residents, as well as visitors.  

"Indoor waterparks like Aquario provide an opportunity for people to have fun together no matter what the weather conditions. Unlike outdoor parks, the weather is always perfect inside Aquario," he explained. "That means that guests find value at Aquario year-round, rain or shine, cold weather or in the heat of the sun.


"Aquario is a facility that offers entertainment for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest and for anyone no matter what their thrill-factor level," he added.



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