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ATRAX 2015 is successfully over

This year thanks to the rigorous promotional efforts ATRAX achieved great results. There were many novelties resented at this year’s event. Among these novelties were the procurement delegation program, numerous supporting institutions and organizations, online business-to-business system, conference and powerful sponsors.

Having received the support of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, and sectorial societies like Union of Turkish World Municipalities, REKCAD, TESDER, YEPUD and Tourism Societies, ATRAX hosted a larger number of professionals as a result of an effective promotional campaign in Turkey and abroad. Compared to previous year, ATRAX grew by 15% and brought together the latest products and services of 198 companies and organizations from 33 countries with 8.957 professional visitors. And in addition to these figures what also made us happy the most was that all the participant companies we interviewed throughout the event were so satisfied with the organization and that we received a lot of thank-you e-mail after the event. 

In addition to the commercial platform it offered, ATRAX also organized a conference to contribute to the growth and development of the sector. We received amazing feedback for the conference and we’ll continue to organize the conference in the following years. And the Shining Star Awards contest we organized for the third time this year continues to attract more and more attention every day. A total of 103 organizations and companies in 13 categories including the stars of the exhibition category applied for the contest this year. The jury of 8 members comprising sector’s professionals and academicians used a scoring system to select the winners. We’d like to thank all organizations and companies that joined Shining Star Awards 2015 with their products, services and facilities.

Atraxion Magazine, the first and only dedicated publication of the amusement and recreations industry in Turkey, which we created with a view to fill the gap of communication in the sector, is now published only before and after the exhibition and will continue to share with you 24/7 all developments in the sector as a web portal.


ATRAX received A+ from all participants...


As the only specialized international trade event of the Amusement-Events, Parks-Recreations Industry of Turkey and the surrounding region, ATRAX was a great success in its fourth year as well. Having been organized as a result of hard work in 2015, ATRAX received A+ from all participants.

Having been included in the procurement delegation program of the Ministry of Economics, ATRAX was promoted via 26 commercial agents in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, and Kenya. ATRAX also received the support of Turkish World Municipalities and reached mayors of Turkic Republics and Balkan countries to promote the event. With the announcements made by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the event was able to reach its target visitor profile both in Turkey and abroad.

And this year, with the new online Business-to-Business (B2B) system, ATRAX allowed its visitors to make appointments with participant companies of interest to them to plan their schedules more effectively and to meet with more companies and to make the most out of the event.

With the collaboration it entered into with major societies of the sector such as TESDER (Amusement and Events Industry Society of Turkey), YEPUD (Society for Organizing Creative Events) and REKCAD (Recreational Studies and Research Society), ATRAX both contributed to the development of the sector and reached more professionals of the sector.

With the conference and contest it organized as part of the exhibition, it increased awareness in the Turkish market and made significant contributions to the rapid growth of the sector.

As a result of all these efforts, ATRAX grew by 15% compared to last year and brought together 397 brand name products of 198 participants from 33 countries with 8.957 local and foreign professionals from 61 countries.



More business connections made at ATRAX this year…


Offering a major ‘business and commercial platform’, ATRAX brought together, the leading amusement facility investors, majors, game and equipment producers, touristic facility owners, municipal officers and shopping mall director from across the world. Participants stated that they’ve made more business connections than they expected and that were very satisfied with the event.

Especially with the increase in the number of amusement and recreation projects brought to life by municipalities, there’s been a growing interest in the sector in recent years. As a result, ATRAX hosted more mayors from across Turkey this year.


Companies which made numerous business connections in relation to products showcased such as city furniture, soft play gaming groups, event services and equipment, mechanical toys and simulation products, stated that they will be entering a long and detailed project development process after the exhibition.


ATRAX 2015 Statistics:


Number of Exhibitors: 198

Turkey: 138

International: 60

Number of countries: 33


Number of visitors: 8.957



The Conference held as part of ATRAX this year received great interest…


The conference titled, “ATRACTIONS and RECREATIONS INDUSTRY TURNING INTO A GIANT SECTOR” and sponsored by Polin Waterparks and Vialand, received great attention from participants and visitors alike during the two days it was held.


Amusement and Recreations industry develops rapidly parallel to increasing public interest and demand and the industry’s contribution in the economic, social, cultural, tourism and education realms continue to increase as well.

In this regard, with the goal of reviewing the Amusement and Recreations industry as a whole with all the products and services it offers, the conference brought together the producers, state, academic institutions, societies, associations, tourism agencies, product and service buyers (municipalities, hotels etc.). And at the panel, experts discussed topics like the importance of amusement and recreational areas, current situation of the sector, its future, expectations and needs of the sector and things to be accomplished to help the sector attain international standards.


Turkey’s Amusement Awards Found their Winners at ATRAX Gala Dinner...


The winners of “Shining Star Awards 2015” organized as part of ATRAX Exhibition were announced at ATRAX Gala night held at Wow Hotel in the evening of 4 December 2015.

Organized with the goal of encouraging new projects by rewarding successful projects and creating awareness in the sector, “Shining Star Awards 2015” was again very vibrant this year. 

At the contest where 103 nominees applied in 13 categories including the stars of the exhibition category, 16 awards found their winners. The winners were selected via an objective review process of the jury comprising professional names of the amusement industry and academicians.

The awards received by Metropolitan Municipality of Eskisehir in 3 different categories were presented to Mayor of Eskisehir Mr. Yilmaz Buyukersen.

At the gala night, which hosted applicants for the amusement, awards contest and leading names of the industry in addition to participant companies, winners stated that they would continue to develop new and special projects in the future.


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