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The biggest Ferris wheel in the world will be constructed on Phuket by the Russian developers

     Today the Russian developers and investors announced that the Giant Ferris Wheel will be constructed on Phuket Island.

      An over 650 feet high Giant Ferris Wheel will set the new world record becoming the biggest and the tallest in the world. Today the biggest 549 feet high Ferris wheel in the world – High Roller – is situated in Las Vegas (the USA).

      The future attraction will become a joint project of Thai Business Development (the company is well-known on the local real estate market), PAX Group (the designer and constructer of the coming soon attraction) and Anuphas Group (headed by the former Thai senator Phummisak Hong Yok and owing the land where the Giant Ferris wheel and other attractions will soon be erected) companies.

        PAX Group (ГК«Мир») is specialized in design and manufacture of sophisticated mechanisms and metal constructions, space program equipment and major rides – giant Ferris wheels and roller coasters. Among its amusement rides put into operation – the giant Ferris wheels in Austria, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Italy and a 230 feet high Ferris wheel in Moscow.

     The preliminary endorsement of the project was received from the Phuket governor, and there are some more legal approvals to be received in the future. The details of the project (terms, costs, dimensions etc.) were not announced yet, though the project official representatives say, it will take around 2 years to construct the Ferris wheel and it will be equipped with transparent cabins for up to 20 people.

     "It will take some time before starting the realization of the project, however we are ready to start the soonest. We estimate Phuket as one of the ten top best touristic destinations of the world attracting middle class and upscale tourists. These factors influenced the choice of the Island as the ground for implementation of our project", - the owner of Pax Group Vladimir Gnezdilov said at the press-conference.


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