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Business breakfast: «Amusement business in Russian towns. Experience of launching kiddie amusement park».

The opening day of RAAPA EXPO 2016 offered a big variety of professional business events; hundreds of people were busy in negotiations, participating in on-sight and off-sight Business forum events and sharing their experience with colleagues all day long.

However, the most keen and energetic ones didn’t miss the chance to go ahead and join the Business breakfast: «Amusement business in Russian towns. Experience of launching kiddie amusement park».

Held on March 4, 2016, the Business breakfast gathered amusement industry professionals, FEC operators and those willing to start a business in the area of family entertainment centers; an interactive format event pursued the goal to discuss current issues of managing business in a friendly atmosphere while having breakfast and a cup of tea.


During the event experience of launching a family entertainment center “Dinozavriya” in Velsk town (Arkhangelsk region) in 2015, starting from the stage of planning to the full implementation of the project, was covered.

The FEC owner Sergey Pyatovsky told the audience how the idea to start up a kiddie entertainment center in a town with a 23 thousand people population stroke his mind; why he chose “dinosaur” theme; what questions and problems arose at the stage of designing the FEC; what it was like to open a FEC and to operate it during the first year; shared the plans for future development of the project.

Designers of “Dinozavriya”, specialists from “Eastern European Company” (Belarus), hit the highlights of the project design and implementation features.



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