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Dream Island Changing for the Landscape Park

Nearly 80 000 cubic meters of ground, 3 300 trees, and 38 000 bushes will be used to change the man-made terrain and create a natural landscape park at Dream Island.


The flat southern part of the park will offer all necessary infrastructures for family leisure such as yoga venue, modern bike lanes with high-quality coating, children playgrounds, and open-air movie theater for 800 seats.


In the north, several 3-4 m hills and one 5.5 m hill topped with the viewing point to Dream Island and Moscow river water area will be built. This part of the park will accommodate a mixed-use sports ground for various activities (football, basketball, volleyball), 1400 seats amphitheater, children playgrounds for active leisure and physical development (modern multi-purpose adventure parks).


To facilitate the navigation, a 10 km long system of alleys and lanes for terrain cure will be constructed. Special machinery will be involved for taking up trees as recommended by Dieter Lappen, Head of the plant nursery at Lappen Pflanzenhandel. 


The works should be completed within 2-3 months.


Dream Island park occupying 100 ha is slate to open in 2018. It will combine both the natural landscape park and the indoor amusement park with 27 rides, hotel for 410 rooms, children yacht school, restaurants, and shops. Large central square with urban promenade, concert hall for 3800 seats and 17-halls cinema will be housed inside the glass dome.

The total investment in the project will make over $1.5bln. The lead investor is the Regions Group of companies.


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