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The 27th edition of Southern Europe’s leading gaming expo ended today at Rimini Fiera.

The expo halls hosted lively business, events and numerous new products.

There is confidence that the stability

and impartiality of the awaited regulations will be able to generate new development.


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Rimini, 20th March 2015 – In spite of the difficult period, the gaming and game world met closely-knit at ENADA SPRING, its key international trade fair.The over 5,000 enterprises involved in the world of amusement machines confidently wait for the Italian government to adopt measures in coming weeks that result in stability and therefore the possibility of investing, in a world that, including related sectors,has a workforce of 180,000, involves 110,000 public venues and the relative 390,000 staff.


The 27th edition of the expo organized by Rimini Fiera on behalf of SAPAR, the gaming and amusement sector’s key association, ended today at Rimini Fiera with this spirit:starting with an expo format in line with the previous editions, completed by debates and business meetings that met with widespread satisfaction and an increase in visitors.


In fact, 25,838 trade members (2.5% more than 2014) visited the halls, from the very lively one dedicated to amusement to those occupied by gaming licensees and redemption games, technologies, products and services for the gaming chain.The three expo days featured numerous events that also highlighted the everlasting love for traditional games such as table football and darts.


SAPAR chairman Raffaele Curcio comments, “In spite of the particularly difficult period for the sector, I can only report positive results at ENADA Spring.There was good visitor attendance and the exhibitors expressed their satisfaction with the three-expo days.I hope that ENADA Spring can represent a new starting point for the whole sector, which is still very much alive and wants to continue to be so.I hope the future is brighter than this past period.”


Rimini Fierachairman Lorenzo Cagnoni says, “We are satisfied, because ENADA Spring confirmed its leadership in Southern Europe and because there was a constructive atmosphere at the expo centre.The gaming world is often under observation, but the enterprises behave in an open interactive manner to strengthen legal profiles and favour regulations with greater certainties.”


Rimini Fiera business unit manager Simone Castelliconfirms, “The stability of the expo area and the increase in visitors are great signs that we’re convinced will play a role in unravelling the current knotty problems, to ensure companies prospects of economic development.”


During the debates at the expo, SAPAR also released updates on how much the gaming world contributes to the Italian treasury’s coffers:in 2014, the government’s revenue from gaming and games rose by 4.7%, whereas, between direct and indirect taxation, it received 11.8 billion euros from games.On the other hand, as of January 2015, the yield from taxes whose trend is not directly connected with the economic situation was negative; total revenue from games totalled 909 million euros (down by 103, - 10.2%).


TOURNAMENT RESULTS: Competitive pinball was a key player at ENADA SPRING, with the Spring Pinball Tournament, a tournament valid for IFPA international ranking at its fifth edition.The event was organized by IFPA Italia and Tecnoplay, with the collaboration of Rimini Fiera and SAPAR, and Stern’s new “WrestleMania” pinball machines were used,

The final results were as follows:1st Davis Pierantozzi (Ascoli Piceno), 2nd Gabriele Tedeschi (Rome), 3rd Daniele Baldan (Padua), 4° Philippe Bouquet (Paris).

On the previous days, two side tournaments were held.The first was won by Luigi Mascia, at his first experience in a tournament valid for IFPA ranking.The second side tournament was won by Daniele Baldan.


Two players in Italian national darts team circles fought it out to the last throw at the darts tournament. In the end, the winner was Patrizio Zineddu, a Betolle (Tuscany) resident of Sardinian origin.Second place went to Francesco Zampolini from Perugia.Johnny Gioia from Termoli was third.There were 25 participants and the contestant’s standard was excellent.


On the other hand, over thirty couples competed in the ENADA Table Football Doubles Tournament. At the end, the winners were Alessandro Collinucci and Gino Tricarico, the former from San Mauro Pascoli and the latter from Cesenatico.Romagnafinals, during which, after a hard-fought match, the couple beat Giulio Mauriello from Cesena and Nevio Nanni from Santa Giustina, a town on the outskirts of Rimini.

The tournament, organized in collaboration with the UISP, bore witness to the wonderful period table football is going through.


The next expo appointment with the game and gaming world is the 43rd ENADA ROME,

also organized by Rimini Fiera, traditionally held in the Italian capital’s expo centre, in October 2015.


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Dates: March 18th - 20thEdition:27th; Category:International exhibition; Frequency: annual; Admission:South and West entrances - trade members only, payment at entrance.Full price ticket € 25. Reduced rate ticket:€ 5; Hours:10:00 am – 6:00 pm; Business Unit Manager: Simone Castelli; Project Manager: Marco Cecchini; visitor; s.bodellini@riminifiera.itWeb


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