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How to Build up an Efficient FEC

According to Russian consultancy and research agencies, amusement arcades still stay key way to attract visitors for FECs, as when deciding where to spend their weekend customers aim to do shopping, relax and have fun with their families all in one. A game zone joined with food court zone in a typical FEC in Russia (Metropolis, Afimall etc.) usually occupies from 13% to 24% from their territory. It is worthy of note that cinemas are the most attended amusement facilities – over 70% of the new cinemas have been recently open in FECs, with 9.1% growth in Moscow.

However, many developers today aim higher than a standard “cinema plus rink” formula – they use the territory of a FEC as art-zones for shows, public events and exhibitions; whereas large-scale projects, such as aquariums, are treated with reserve. It is expected that in the nearest future the trend will be set for children-orientated projects, especially combination of arcades with touch-panel games and virtual playgrounds, as western consultancy companies have long been calling kiddie zones “a secret weapon of FECs” – in the US during the last 12 years the income from arcades has grown from 500 thousand to 12 million dollars per year.


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