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Results of CIAE 2015 - post show review

CIAE 2015 - 11th International Game & Amusement Exhibition was successfully held in Guangzhou from March 28-30 and showcased the best of what china has to offer the amusement and gaming industry domestically and globally. The show also presents excellent networking opportunities with the numerous manufacturing companies and parts suppliers from the infamous Game District of China.

Totally 40,000 sqm was covered. The CIAE 2015 event was well organized and brought in quality visitors, and most of the exhibitors made the sales at the site. According to the research, 91 percent of our exhibitors all expressed that they will continue to attend next year. At the site, 20% of them are asking about the floormap for next year and would like to book their location at an earlier date for better one. They said that CIAE is a must-attend fair for them and include it in their calendar, and so on…

CIAE 2015 show presented a lot of children's products, such as coin pushers, ticket redemption, video redemption, and kiddy ride games. However, there was also arcade and gaming products included, primarily from the bigger factories like Namco and Sega.

An interesting trend at the show, is the inclusion of a video monitor into kiddy rides, novelty machines, and crane machines. These make up a large number of products and are quite popular in the Chinese market. The Children's products crossed a wide range of types, including shooting, driving, mobile rides, fishing, prize redemption/crane machines, as well as sports related games like air hockey tables, basketball, hammer games, whacker games, and park rides! Lots of choice for visitors to the show.

The new games that were most popular at the show, included:

  • Electric Excavator on show at several booths.
  • City Warriors: a kind of climbing equipment with rope net, wood frame, metal support etc.
  • Time Crisis 5: latest gun shooter from Namco.
  • Ace Angler Simulation Arcade Machine: also very popular.
  • Meteor Storm Air Hockey: original machine import from Poland. Many visitors liked it.
  • Pac Man air hockey from Namco: always popular
  • Electronic pinball machine with LCD monitor: Many of the foreign visitors were interested in this product, which is unsurprising given the popularity of pinball in Western countries and Australasia.
  • Storm Racer G Deluxe from Wahlap.
  • Congo Bongo and Train with shooting function from Shiyu were very popular.
  • Lobster Robot and some prize redemption machines from Tongli
  • Dream catcher from Tecway
  • Big Ben from Xinxingya: 5 players redemption machine

CIAE 2015 attracted many foreigners, especially clients from Middle-eastern countries and Africa, as well as customers from Australia and USA. Popular among the foreign visitors were the children's redemption products and the video pinball with the one titled Deep Sea Treasure getting lots of play time. The idea behind a video pinball machine is to essentially use a screen in place of the playfield, which simulates a pinball playfield and can be played just the same (with flipper buttons, plunger, etc.), but without all the mechanical faults.   


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