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Seminar.Methods of successful operation of a family entertainment center.

On March 2, 2016 in the framework of RAAPA EXPO 2016 the Russian Association of amusement parks and attractions held an off-sight seminar «Methods of successful operation of a family entertainment center in current economic conditions. How to start up and manage an efficient FEC». Moderated by a 20 year experience of work in amusement industry consultant and an expert in FEC operation, Ms. Ludmila Kiseleva, the seminar gathered over 40 professionals of the industry eager to share their experience and get new current knowledge on FEC efficient operation. At the seminar types of business models and investment options for FECs sized from 300 to 3000 sq.m were observed.The seminar was held on the premises of a new family entertainment center in Moscow.

Topics highlighted:

  • What are highly sought formats of entertainment in the period of consumer demand decrease.

  • How to correlate services package and business model of a FEC.

  • The size matters: optimal spaces for various types of FECs.

  • Selection principles of amusement equipment for various business types FECs. 

  • How amusement equipment becomes a sales tool and much more.


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