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The Biggest Aquarium in Europe to be built in Moscow

2 ha square on VVTs area, Moscow, free of historic pavilions and monuments of architecture, are given for establishing one of the biggest Aquariums in Europe plus surrounding area along with 190 parking lots. The budget of the project is announced to be 2.1 billion rubles.

At the moment the constriction is in full blast; the complex itself will occupy 40000 m², including the aquarium – 10000 m² and web-footed mammals show theatre – 680 m², arranged in substructure, whereas superstructure will offer its visitors the center of dolphin therapy, 2500 seats conference hall, cafes and restaurants.

The visitors of Aquarium will have a chance to see flora and fauna forms from Russia, Far East, Southeast Asia, China and America, such as sharks, belugas, orcas, walruses, sea lions, skate fish etc.

The project also sets out the construction of purpose-orientated swimming pool for disabled children where specialists from Japan will teach them to swim with dolphins.


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