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The Most Remarkable Amusement Rides of the World

The first amusement rides appeared in Europe and were very simple, but as the time went the attractions were becoming more complicated and finally some of them have grown into real masterpieces of the amusement industry.

For example, the highest chain of roundabouts in the world (374ft) is situated in Vienna, Austria and the most high-speed rollercoaster (240km per hour) is in Abu-Dhabi. Flamingo Land Park can boast of the most steep chute-the-chute with angle of slope 112 degrees, whereas the most steep chute-the-chute made of wood can be found in Everland park in Seoul, South Korea – less than in 3 minutes one can dash 100km per hour and experience gravity free feeling 12 times.

There is Dreamworld amusement park in Gold Coast, Australia which offers its visitors Tower of Terror – the highest rollercoaster made of steel (368ft long) with 160km per hour speed on the slope. If you want to experience hard spins, visit Thorpe park rollercoaster in Chertsey, England - its length is 850 meters and height is 30 meters.


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