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Volgograd’s city park starts preparations to the FIFA World Cup

In connection with the FIFA World Cup, scheduled to take place in several Russian cities in 2018, authorities of Volgograd – one of the hosts of the tournament, are thinking about making the local city park (Volgograd central park of culture and leisure) “a face of the city”.

The city park, whose history began in the 60’s, is located next to the central stadium, where the World Cup matches are to be held. Besides that, the main road to the central stadium goes through its territory, what throws a sort of a challenge in the face of the city park in terms of obsolete infrastructure and general shabbiness of the place.

Having a territory of 26 hectares in the central part of the city, the city park has been severely underfinanced for many years, and now needs serious investments to become an up-to-date place able to meet the modern requirements and welcome the visitors both from Russia and abroad on the top level.

At the moment, some works on refurbishing have been started, and more of them yet to come.

It is generally admitted that with Volgograd’s hosting the football tournament, the city park got a second chance to recover its role in the residents’ leisure activities, and get the support it needs.

Since it is given such a special role in holding of the World Cup, the local authorities and residents are discussing the ideas and ways the appearance of the place and its functioning can be improved, and investors be attracted. One of the suggestions on the topic went as far as to make the city park a face of Volgograd. 


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